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Chicken Engineer and Albino Terror are two different things. Chicken Engineer or Shawn Le is the name of the creator and director of Dinosaur Simulator. This one has worked on maps, codes, and models with a team of Model Makers. The man appears in the game as well. For those who do not have any slightly idea, he rides on the back of the Plushie Apatosaurus, Birthday Baryonyx, and as the skin known as Chickenosaurus.

During the event called the 2017 Black Friday event, there was a hidden hole in the hill in the main map where Chicken Engineer appeared. Whenever you scrolled over it, you got the code for the thing named Yutashu skin. Aside from that, he also appears in the game called Sekaiju as the small statue on the Main Island. In the center of the NeutralMinion/NeutralBlob spawns, Sekaiju being the successor of his game. in addition, in the game entitled Attack on Kaiju, he appears on the lobby, atop of the Deusikazer statue. The man runs the official Unhatched Games Discord and has a Twitter account, along with a YouTube channel. Beside, he has an old account called dragon115454, the one that he shared with his brother.

Meanwhile, Albino Terror is used to call the Carnivore that commonly referred to in short as Albino or Terror. It is the event dinosaur along with the Movie skins, Kaiju skins, and its skin, the Pitch Black Terror. This one was released on Black Friday 2015, and sold again on Black Friday 2016 along with the Movie skins, Kaiju skins, Pitch Black Terror and the Megavore with the price buff in 2016. The thing is based of the Indominus Rex from the 2015 movie called Jurassic World and was originally named so, but its name and roars had to be changed due to the copyright accusations.

This paragraph will explain about the strategy of Albino Terror. Apparently, Albino Terror is regarded by some as the apex predator of DS, being feared and admired wherever it walks by a lot of newer players. The older players will know of the present of it just by listening after the characteristical roar. Please keep in mind that the very high defense of the creature means that nearly nothing is able to cause it bleed with the Megavore as the exception. Both Albino and Pitch are attached by the other creatures frequently, particularly Megavores and Mammoths. However, their big range makes them adept at fighting and their axe chop like bite does a lot of damage. The strategy is really important for being good at using the Terror.

  • Albino Terror can kill the other carnivores such as Giganotosaurus easily, so they will usually run away at sight. Please avoid to engage the Giganotosaurus sporting the Abraside skin as it will easily out range all of the Albino Terror skins.
  • Albino Terror is able to easily out range a Barosaurus and can kill it, while remaining unharmed.
  • Megavores counter you so you have to stay away from them.

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