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If you like playing games on Bloxburg, you surely know that in this game there are several skills that you are able to level up. Do you know how many skills which exist in that game? We are going to give you information about it.

In Bloxburg game, actually there are 10 skills but two of them are not added to the game yet. So now, there are just 8 skills in total. The first skill is Athletic. It can be earned if you buy and also use various items in the Training section of Build Mode. You can also visit the Bloxburg Gym to train your athletic skills and it is free. Bloxburg Gym can be found in the city of Bloxburg exactly near the Bloxburg City Hall.

Second skill is Gaming. This skill points can be earned if you use a computer and play Phantom Forces, Pong or Bloxbourne. Besides, you can also get the points if you use an arcade cabinet to play ROTRIS.

The third skill in Bloxburg is Cooking. For your information,this is the only skill that has a benefit besides Music and Gardening. If you can increase this skill, you are able to unlock different types of food and then it can lead to more options. If you want to increase your cooking stat, you can make any food available when you choose “Take Ingredients” on a fridge.

The fourth skill is Intelligence. This skill can be gained by reading. If you want to increase intelligence, there are two ways including reading a book through bookcases and book piles and reading the news on a computer.

The fifth skill is Gardening. In this skill, you will have to grow, water, harvest, and also sell plants so that you can get extra cash and also unlock new plants. The plants which are available there are Compact Bush, Mushrooms, Tall Natural Plant, Wild Flowers, Rough Tree, Short Grass, Tall Grass, Natural Plant, and many more.

The sixth skill is Music. This skill can be gained if you buy and play various instruments. If the DJ Booth is operated by you, you can also increase the Music skill. You can unlock new songs if you get to a higher music level.

The seventh skill is Painting. If you buy a painting stand from Decorations and choose the paint action, you are able to raise this skill. Decorative Easel and Painting Stand are 2 easels in the game. But you have to know that Painting Stand is the only thing which permits you to be able to get painting skill points.

The eighth skill is Writing. You will need a computer if you want to get this skill. It is better for you to choose a high-quality computer so that you can speed up the amount of time it takes to level up. Writing skill can not give you benefit as well. It is just an activity that you can do if you feel bored.

Two other skills which are not added to the Bloxburg are Crafting and Programming. There is a rumor that Crafting will involve creating furniture by using a crafting bench or tools and it seems that it would be focus on repairing skill. Programming skill probably would be able to earned by using computer with new function.

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