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In Bloxburg game, skills are stats which are important that can be increased by performing specific tasks. In the game, there are 8 skills. If you can max out to level 10, each skill will reward you with a trophy that is able to be placed or sold. Now, there are three fully implemented skills with benefits and those are Music, Cooking and Gardening.

What are those 8 skills in Bloxburg? Those are athletic, cooking, crafting, gaming, gardening, intelligence, music and painting. There are also programming and crafting skills but these two skills are not added in the game yet. Now, let’s find out each of these skills.

Athletic skill is able to be earned by buying and also using various items in the Training section of Build Mode. Besides, you are also able to access the Bloxburg Gym to train your athletic skills for free. Bloxburg Gym is located in the city of Bloxburg exactly near the Bloxburg City Hall and faces Bloxburg Fresh Food. The are of it consist of 8 weight lifting benches, 4 punching bags, and 12 treadmills. However, athletic has no known benefit yet for now it can decrease the Energy and the Hygiene moods. Some equipments for athletic are punching bag, soccer ball, weight lifting bench, soccer goal, treadmill and skating ice.

Cooking is another skill in Bloxburg game. It is the only skill that has a benefit besides Music and Gardening. When your skill increases, you are able to unlock different types of food and it leads to more options. To increase your cooking stat, you can make any food available when you choose “Take Ingredients” on a fridge.

Next skill is Gaming. The points of this skill can be earned by using a computer and playing Phantom Forces, Pong or Bloxbourne and you can also get the points by using an arcade cabinet to play ROTRIS.

Gardening is also another skill in Bloxburg. In this game, you will have to grow, water, harvest, and also sell plants for getting extra cash and also unlocking new plants. The plants which are available are Short Grass, Tall Grass, Natural Plant, Compact Bush, Mushrooms, Tall Natural Plant, Wild Flowers, Rough Tree and many more.

Intelligence skill can be earned by reading. If you want to increase intelligence, there are two ways. First, you have to read a book through bookcases and book piles or you can read the news on a computer.

Music skill can be earned by buying and playing various instruments. If you operate the DJ Booth, you can also increase the Music skill. You are able to unlock new songs when you get to a higher music level.

Next skill is Painting. You can raise this skill by buying a painting stand from Decorations and choose the paint action. Decorative Easel and Painting Stand are 2 easels in the game. But, Painting Stand is the only thing which permits you to get painting skill points.

The last skill is Writing. If you want to get this skill, you will need a computer. If you choose a high-quality computer, you can speed up the amount of time it takes to level up. This skill can not give you benefit. It is just something that you can do if you feel bored.

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