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In the Roblxo world, the house is such an important residence building where the player lives. Apparently, the size of the house plot is 30×30, while the size of the house plot with the Large Plot gamepass is 50×50.

The unique house building system of Welcome to Bloxburg will allow you to place walls, furniture, vehicles, windows, and many more so that you will be able to make your own unique and original home. A lot of poeple prefer to use the plots not just for houses, but for building restaurants, hotels, farms, small towns and villages, and so on thanks to the detailed customization system.

By default, you are only able to build on the first floor. Later, the gamepass named the Multiple Floors will let you to build up the 3rd floor and the Basement gamepass will let you to build one floor underground.

Can you build house with no gamepass? Talking about the house on Bloxburg and gamepass, there is a thing called Bloxburg no gamepass house 47k. The term Bloxburg no gamepass house 47k means the house on Bloxburg that can be obtained with gamepasses. It means, you do not have to spend any Robux to get this. For your information, the gamepasses such as the Multiple Floors and Advanced Placements gamepasses are needed if you want to futher customize your house.

If you want to understand more about Bloxburg no gamepass house 47k, you are encouraged to watch the content about Bloxburg no gamepass house 47k on the platform called Youtube. One of the most recommended videos is the one uploaded by kellurz. Right now, it has more than 247,038 views. Please try to watch more than a video for the better understanding. Aside from that, it is better for you to discuss about this kind of thing by joining the community of Welcome of Bloxburg.  

These following paragraphs consist of the things related to house of Bloxburg. There are several pre-built houses on Bloxburg. The first one is called Empty Plot. This is a bare and empty plot. This one costs $0. For those the beginner, getting the Happy Home of Robloxia and delete everything in order to get the extra cash is recommended. Apparently, a lot of people also do that. In the end, you will be able to donate the money to your main account and then reset the secondary account to repeat.

Happy Home of Robloxia is the second one. This one is can be called as the small starter home. It is kind of home that can be upgraded through the means of decorations and such. The price of it is $7,500. Everyone loves this one as it has one blue-themed bedroom and a generic bathroom.

Some other pre-build houses are Cozy Cottage, Peaceful Living, Classic Family Home, Small Suburban and the Bloxington Mansion. If you want to know the details of the rest pre-build houses, feel free to visit the page of House on Wiki.

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