How to Find Roblox Images Easier

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In Roblox catalog, you are able to find any items such as t-shirt, pants, shirt, image/ decal, model, accessories and many more. Everyone can upload it and then sell them so that they are able to earn Robux from that.

Image is one item in Roblox that is needed by Roblox players.  They can use it for Bloxburg games to decorate their house or for any other purposes. Image is used for graphical elements like decals in Roblox. Images are a category of item on the site but they are not able to accessed through the catalog. If you create images whenever you upload a decal, t-shirt, shirt or pants. However, administrators are able to create an image directly without having to create a decal, shirt, t-shirt or pants.

If you want to use image, you are able to access Roblox Studio so that you are able to add an image to a Decal from your files and then the images will be uploaded automatically. Every item on Roblox has Roblox ID. The ID of item of an image in Roblox is the number that you are able to find in every image link and it identifies the image with a number. For your information, if you upload images, they are moderated and they will be reviewed before they are displayed on Roblox.

Finding the Roblox Images

If you want to find Roblox images, you are able to access the Library. It is a collection of freely available packages, audio, decals, and plugins that you are able to use to help create the game that you want. The items in library are not like clothing and gear, they will not be able to be worn on your avatar. To access Library, you are able to click on the Library tab from within the Create page of your account and it can be found in the blue bar at the top of the site.

When you get into the Library, you will be shown with a list of new items. You are able to browse the options presented to you but if you are looking for something in particular such as certain images, you are able to search by keyword or title by using the Search box at the top of the page. Also, you are able to browse other categories by using the menu on the left of the screen. You can narrow down your choices by using the Search bar. After you have chosen the category or used the Search bar, you are able to to narrow your search using filters such as Genre, Type and Creators.

Finding the Image/ Decal ID

This is the important thing that you need to know. There are two main methods to find the content ID of a decal or images.

  • You are able to paste the URL into the Texture property in Roblox Studio. Then, Roblox will update the property automatically to the correct content ID. It only works in Roblox Studio and it is not able to be done from Script or whilst the game is running.
  • You are able to insert the Decal into the game and it is done through the Toolbox under My Decals. The ID can be found in the decal/ image that is inserted. InsertService:LoadAsset is also able to be used if developers want to automate this method.

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