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When you come to this page, you may want to find out the meaning of Sped in Roblox. Is it alright? If you are looking for the meaning of Sped in Roblox, so you are at the right page because here we want to discuss about that.

You have to know that in Roblox, Sped means “Special Education”. As a Roblox player, you may ever heard this word. Usually, the word Sped used for those individuals who have a special need. For your information, there is a group named Special Education. That group was owned by SirJakeChappy. Currently, the group has many members.

In fact, there are many meanings of Sped. If you search the meaning of Sped from your choice browser, there you will be find some meanings for Sped like these below:

  • SPED    Security Professional Education Development
  • SPED    Society of Piping Engineers and Designers
  • SPED    Service Provider Edge Device
  • SPED    Secured Pin Entry Device
  • SPED    Spares Pricing Estimating Data

The text above is a list of meanings for Sped. But, you have to remember that Sped in Roblox means “Special Education”. As we know that there is also a group of Special Education in Roblox, so if you interested to join with them, you are able to join the group now.

Talking about the meaning Sped in Roblox, we remember about Roblox Slang. Like other online communities, Roblox platform also uses common internet slang and slang exclusive to the community. Well, here in the text below, we are going to share some common internet slang used in Roblox. Of course, it is very important for you to know and learn about the common internet slang and slang exclusive used in Roblox.


  • AA – Admin abuse. Used when someone is abusing power to cause harm to other players or the game.
  • AFK – Away from keyboard. Actually, it same with BRB.
  • BRB – (I will) Be right back
  • GTG – Got to go; can also be used as “g2g”. Used if the player want to leave a game for any kind of reason.
  • LOL – Laugh out loud. Used to indicate laughter.
  • Newb – A new player who acts the part or a new player that may have little understandings about the game.
  • Noob – Derived from “newb”, this word refers to new players.
  • OMG – Oh my God. Used to show surprise.
  • ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing- used for situations where “lol” is simply not enough.
  • GG – Good game; common internet ettiquite after round-based games end
  • Git Gud – This is a slang altering of “get good”. It often telling other players for getting better at the game.
  • Spam or spamming – It is the act of repeating the same phrase over and over.
  • Flame – It used to attack another person online.
  • IRL – It means “In real life”.

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