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OOF means Out Of Office. Originating from the death sound effect of the online game called Roblox, OOF is the common expression or response shared when someone is faced with the melodramatic defeat or taken the embarrassing L in any real world situation.

The sound effect called OOF from the game is sampled in a lot of online video, sounding like the small child who has been kicked in the stomach. Humor is able to be found in the unwavering consistency of the OOF sound effect, as well as the obvious trauma endured by the child, which is undoubtedly the odd choice for developers to include in the game of the children. According to Wiki, the original sound was ripped from the ending scene of the 2000 shooter game called Messiah. The audio file of it was uploaded for the first time to the Library on June 24, 2009, as uuhhh.wa and the newest version is able to be found inside the 2007 client with the higher bitrate. Some people think that it is the rip off of the sound effect from the Super Mario 64.

The Roblox death sound or OOF is also the meme throughout and outside of Roblox community. The usage of this one refers to the ridiculous nature of its sound. Aside from that, there have also been instances of people making music or remixes using the audio file. In some examples, the Bighead and BiggerHead are associated with the death sound or OOF.

This paragraph will talk about the other appearances of OOF. when adjusting the volume in the Roblox application in game, the game will trigger the OOF based on the volume the player has set. This one is used to indicate how loud or soft the volume is to the player, which will help the player better adjust the volume based on the sound of the game. This feature was added in early 2017, after its spread of the meme in the late 2016. For your information, scrolling down to the bottom of any page on the mobile device will show the message saying that you have reached the end.

Talking about OOF, there is a game created by a group named Direct Studios. The developers of the game are little5, Saezi, Kurokku (terminated), and Lettered. This game is called “Oof!”. This one is the themed around the death sound. It is the most popular thing on the platform which revolves around the sound. The deaths of the game include falling off the map, fire, fan, Mr. Krabs gear, hitting the target, fake Bighead and BiggerHead givers, Trampoline, thinking emoji, fake free admin and VIP, Cannon, Fidget Spinner, Snakes, Doge, Ban Hammer, Dilemma Time, Lava, Jaws, Guests and Noobs in a cage, Penguin, Stop Sign, Tire Swing, Lasers, Bendy, and many more. For further information about OOF, it is better for you to visit Wiki and lurk around the Roblox community. There are a lot of information about it that you can read.

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