How to Be Popular/Famous on Roblox

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You may looking for information about how to be popular or famous on the largest online gaming platform called Roblox. Is it alright? If so, you are at the right page because here in this page we are going to share some ways for you to be popular on Roblox platform.

Apparently, there are many Roblox players who look for this information. Of course, it is not wonder for us. Becoming popular on Roblox, it has lots of advantages. Therefore, many Roblox players who strive to be a popular or famous on Roblox platform. Now, you cannot go anywhere because in the text below, you are able to see some ways to make you popular on Roblox.


  • The first way that you are able to do to be the popular Roblox player, you have to get familiar with Roblox. Please introduce yourself with the popular places (games) and events.
  • The second way to be a popular Roblox player, of course you need to get an account. In this case, you have to make sure that you have a good username so many people interested of you.
  • The third way is to make the posts on the forums intelligently, kindly and well-informed. You have to remember that the quality posts you make can make you popular or famous around Roblox.
  • The fourth way to be a popular in Roblox is you have to play all the popular games in Roblox platform. After that, you have to talk to people and ask them to add you as a friend.
  • The fifth way is you have to be good at levels to impress other Roblox players. In this case, you can help other Roblox players with their work, if they ask you a help.
  • The sixth way is you must be a builder’s club member. When you be a member of builders club (BC), so you will get find lots of BC members. Besides that you will get more money faster and you can make more games.
  • The seventh way to be a popular in Roblox is to collect the limited items. If you have many limited items, it may can make you popular because many people cannot got limited items you collect.
  • The eighth way is you have to make a good game. Here you are able to learn to script on Roblox. You are able also to ask for help on the forums. Your game will be better if your script is good.
  • The ninth way is you have to advertise your game (place). You have to note that the other Roblox players will not come to your game if they do not know about it.
  • The tenth way to be a popular in Roblox is you do not delete the other people stuff on the game like Apartment Life. But, if you do it, so it only will make them them mad and hates you.

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