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Lots of exploit tools you can use for Roblox. One of them is JJSploit. For your information, JJSploit offers a near full Lua executor. Besides, JJSploit also features click teleport, infinite jump, fly, ESP, speed, and so much more. We can say that it is a powerful all in one package.

By the way, do you want to get this JJSploit? If you want to get this one, so you are able to download it on a site named Wearedevs. You may ever heard that Wearedevs site is one of trust sites in providing the best software exploit for Roblox. Aside from that, we also heard that lots of Roblox players who have already downloaded JJSploit from Wearedevs site. Therefore, if you really want to have this one, do not be hesitate to download JJSploit on Wearedevs site.


  • At the first step, you can go to the official website of Wearedevs.
  • After you arrive at the homepage of Wearedevs site, there you will be able to see many Roblox exploits. For this case, you just need to focus for searching and finding JJSPloit.
  • When you find it, just click it. Next, you will be bring to the page where you will start to download JJSploit.
  • Please click at the download button. Then, you will be asked to save file.
  • In this step, you have to click at Save file to start download JJSploit from Wearedevs.
  • If everything is done, then, you have to find the file of JJSploit on your folder.
  • Afterwards, you have to extract it. You are able to leave it for a while and open Roblox once JJSPloit is extracted.
  • Finallly, you are able to use this JJSploit tool in Roblox.


  • The first thing that you have to do is open JJSploit file.
  • After that, you have to right click the file.
  • Please, click “Run as Admin”.
  • The last, you are able to click Inject button to start exploit on Roblox.

For alternatively, you are able also to use JJSpolit by following these steps below:

  • Please, join a game in Roblox platform.
  • Then, you need to ensure that JJSploit is opened.
  • Next, you have to click the big green attach button on JJSploit.
  • Please wait for the notification to appear at the bottom right of the game.

The notification means JJSploit is ready to use. Now, you are able to start executing scripts and using the button commands.

You have to know that JJSploit has been a running project since middle 2017s. WeAreDevs API has made JJSploit be a simple command line cheat to a near full featured Lua executor. With the introduction of a Lua executor, so we have been able to add lots of more complex cheats. Even, there is no paid advertisements and not a key system. We are abel to only run JJSploit, join a game, then attach.

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