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Do you looking for some information regarding Void Script Builder Scripts (SB)? Apparently, you are at the right page, here in this page, we are going share some information about the Void Script Builder Scripts (SB) that we get on Wiki.

You have to know that Void Script Builder is the most popular script for script builder (SB). For your information, Script Builder (SB) is a game where you are able to run code in-game. This Script Builder (SB) game has been the main script builder since client sided loadstring was disabled. Based on the research, the game of Script Builder (SB) was created on January 2010 by Voidacity. Today, the game has place visits around 2,000,000. For note: Voidacity as a creator of Void Script Builder has moved it to a group owned place on May 30th, 2017.

Actually, this is a place for basic to very advanced scripters. Script builders (SB) are a common hangout for scripters. Then, several Script builders (SB) allow you to use your own scripts that you made. If you used a leak script or FM for short, so they are going to call you a FMer and may kick or ban you. Most Script builders’s that require you to use your own scripts have an age limit to join. Usually, 1 year or older to join. Then, the most popular Script builders’s are the ones that have FMers like Voidacity’s Script Builder. Maybe, because you are able to use the leaked scripts or FM’s on it without getting kicked or banned.


Void script builder is currently owned by tusKOr661. Formerly, the void script was owned by Voidacity. The new owner has created many changes to the script builder (SB) for cutting down on the abuse which has been occurring over the years.


The purpose of a Void Script builder has always been to allow the users to test and debug scripts in the peaceful environment. The main idea is to help people develop the games, useful toys, or fun projects for themselves. When client sided loadstring was removed, this Void Script builder became the only script builder that allowing the users to run scripts which were not their own. However, this became a problem once people were using these scripts to cause the trouble for other users. Before tusk’s involvement, the Script Builder (SB) became a very hard place to test, debug or edit scripts.


Since the recent re-structuring of Void script builder (SB), the rules have become much more strict. We are able to say that they have created the script builder a much safer place, and more reasonable for everyone. Several of the rules created were with the vision of the administrators, and others were because of Roblox’s demands. For the smaller offenses many people do not know about the moderators generally warn before banning.

If you want to get more information related Void script builder scripts, you are able to visit the page of Void script builder on Wiki directly.

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