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A lot of games in Roblox which are popular so that it has millions visitors. One of the games is Vehicle Simulator Beta. You may often play this game and you want to remake it so that you need the uncopylocked version of this game. Is there any uncopylocked version of this game?

In Roblox, Vehicle Simulator was created by Simbuilder on August 8th, 2014 and it was last updated on August 14th, 2019. This game can be played by 18 maximum players and it is categorized into Town and City genre. Now, this game has been visited more than 370.4 million times. It has also been favorited more than 2.4 million times and has been liked more than 759K times.

In this game, you will enjoy your time in the giant city which is packed with stunt objects, unique vehicles and a lot of secrets. You are also able to customize your vehicles, race your friends, and cruise around. There are more than 55 unique vehicles that you are able to find in the game and each vehicle has its unique handling stats and feel.

There are a number of game passes that you are able to buy in this game including Radio for 190 Robux, SWAT for 300 Robux, Insanity for 666 Robux, Pocket Auto Shop for 290 Robux, Tow Truck Job for 100 Robux, Incognito for 30 Robux, Transit for 200 Robux, and VIP for 1000 Robux. A number of badges can also be gained in this game. Those are Meet The Mayor, Globetrotter, Road Warrior, Tweaker, Eat My Dust, Lost, New Sheriff in Town, Track Master, and Ex Hoc Mundo.

The last updates of this game are new camera mode, keybinds, 11 more remeshed vehicles, new data compression algorithm, more than 6 bug fixes, new Monster Truck, improved parachutes, and minor improvements. If we talk about update of this game, you may think that you want the update Vehicle Simulator Beta Uncopylocked because you want to remake it.

It seems that the uncopylocked version of this game is not available. So, you are not able to get it except, Simbuilder change the setting of the game to be uncopylocked. However, in the V3rmillion.net, there is a thread about this. In that thread, you are able to see that there is someone named DoritoMaster47 who has the file of Vehicle Simulator but it is not the scripts. It is just the map. If you want to download the file of the game, you are able to click the link that he gave. After you click on the link, you will be directed to anonfile.com where there is a Download button for downloading Vehicle Simulator Beta Roblox file. The size of the file is 206.01 MB and if you want this file, just click on the Download button.

No wonder why a lot of games creator/ developer set their games as copylocked. It is because there are some games in Roblox which the file was taken from uncopylocked game and then people remake it so that it becomes popular but they do not give credit to the original creator.

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