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Roblox Limited Simulator uncopylocked is the name of the popular simulator game. This one was created and developed by the famous group named Trade. The game can be described as the simulation of buying limited items when they are released. As per February 3, 2019, the game has gained an approximate amount of 8 million visits.

Playing Roblox Limited Simulator uncopylocked is fairly simple. You can start off with 0 RAP and the automatic currency that gives you 100-200 Robux each second. The objective of the game is to become the richest player in the server, having more RAP than anyone else in the server.

When you are playing Roblox Limited Simulator, a notifier that the new limited item has come out will appear in the bottom right corner and is able to be clicked in order to direct to the catalog page. There, you will be able to buy it.

There are some features of Roblox Limited Simulator uncopylocked. Here are some of the features:

  • Catalog: This one is where the players can see all of the limited items that have came out and are selling. They can purchase items from the bots or the other players. In order to sell the item, you need to click on any item that you have, go to the resellers, and input the chosen price in the box saying “enter Price Here”.
  • Inbox: This one is where players are able to see history of them declining, countering, or completing a trade. Aside from that, they are also able to see who has bought the items they have sold.
  • Inventory: This one is where players are able to see all of the items they currently have. They are also able to wear hairs, particles, trails, and the other items that are rewarded to them in progression of leveling up.
  • Trade: This one is where the players are able to trade items they have to the other players. In order to trade, click the player that you want to deal with and a trade box will show up. In here, you are able to trade and trade for up to four items but can trade duplicates of items.
  • Store: This one is where the players are able to see all extra items, particles, and trails you will gain when leveling up, the highest level you are able to reach is level 25 and you are able to get all the special items when you reach this level.
  • Tags: This one is where the players are able to earn special name tags in game that are visible to have the special animation or color. Please keep in mind that obtaining a tag requires you to do something in game.

This paragraph consists of the information about the limited item. The term “limited” is the label given to catalog items available in the finite quantities. At first, they are the regular items sold by Roblox for a set price until they are taken off sale and if the item is later selected to become limited, they they may be traded for the other items or re-sold for Robux by those who have the active Builders Club membership.

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