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Have you heard about Ulifers on Roblox? He is known as a notorious myth within the Myth Hunting community and is regarded as a Dangerous Myth because of his past incidents with supposed IP Grabbing. He can lure kids to his game named Paradise and brings them to his game named Asylum. Then, he proceeds to track them.

There is also a rumor that a lot of people have disappeared because of him. He is also well known for being the third Shadelight key myth hunters which are now stuck on. Ulifer is an asylum escapist which is unconfirmed, kid molester/ rapist and also a criminally insane citizen of France. Do you want to know his character? He is short-tempered and he also can change his mood very quickly. When he is alone in games, he often talk to himself. It shows how mentally instable he is. Besides, he is also hostile to and targets kids under the age of 16. He is mysterious and always speaks in language which is cryptic. He is interested in the arts and very protective person when he tracks down a new friend.

If we talk about Ulifer, this name appears in the Chucks Basement and you need the code. Chucks Basement was created by Chuck_Lloyd on December 16th, 2017 and it was last updated on November 14th, 2018. This game can be played by 10 maximum players and this game is categorized into All Genres. Until now, this game has been visited more than 133.4K times with 71 favorites.

When you enter the basement by walking straight, you will meet a closed door. There, you have to say “Darkness Incarnate” and then the door will open. When you enter the basement, you will have a flashlight automatically. Here, you have to hit 1 and then click on your screen to use it. For your information, this area is a maze with random rooms which some are empty and some have something in them.

You will also find hall that you can go down that will have a face on a wall at the end of saying it. If you say “Darkness Incarnate”, it will be opened and you can do the same for the next door. However, there is a third door and no one knows the code to it. Who knows the code? Chuck_Lloyd is the one who knows how to get through.

Speedy met Chuck’s apparent daughter, Louyen, and you can see it in one of his videos. He convinced Louyen to give up the third door code but it has most likely been changed. Here are the codes of the door to the statues for the Chuck’s Basement.

  • Chuck = Sorrow
  • Father = Love
  • Ulifer = Anger
  • Terroah = Fear
  •  Masqueraze = Wisdom

Now, the codes of the statue for Chuck’s Basement can be seen in the list below.

  •  Chuck = Darkness Incarnate
  • Father = A darkness in the light
  • Ulifer = Unknown
  • Terroah = Unknown
  • Masqueraze = Unknown

Okay, now you know the codes so that you are able to enter the door in the Chuck’s Basement.

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