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In the game of Roblox, actually, you are not strange with the name of script. Although, not all Roblox players have known about the script, at least they must be familiar with it. However, it can be called as one of the crucial elements on Roblox. So, have you know the script on ROblox? If the answer is no, well, we are going to share you what the script is.

For you who are an older Roblox player, maybe, you are already familiar with scripts. While you are as a newcomer, absolutely, you have to know about the script. With the script, you will play the game greatly and completely. As explained in some articles in this page, script mean a base-class of Roblox programming. Script also keeps a section of ROblox game. Probably, you will get a little bit confused for reading script, because it provides programming application language from Portuguese.

Moreover, script can be used for a variety of purposes while playing Roblox. Almost every goal to win point in ROblox actually takes the scripts. This script also usually use either for legally goal such as creating character of Roblox or unfair way like cheating for get much Robux or point. Even so, there are still many Roblox players loving this unearthly way.

As we will mention about one of useful scripts, that is namely Kill Others Script Roblox. Knowing a briefly for this script is really worthwhile for you when playing Roblox. Kill others script is a Roblox script that you can use to defeat another player with a variety of reasons. With using this script in full you can defeat one by one other player so that you will get more points easier.

To get what the scripts you need, absolutely you can visit Here, lots of scripts provides in the website of This website can be called as most complete scripts provider for Roblox game. After you get, you can type Kill Others Scripts on the search bar, soon the script you want will appear. Then, you can copy the script on the Raw Paste Data easier.

To enable you sharper in playing Roblox, why not to use Kill Others Scripts Roblox Pastebin below:

1. Replace “name” to the player to kill name!

2. = 1

3. = 0

within the Raw Paste Data = 1 = 0

Besides, the scripts above, you can also try this more adorable script in killing anyone in Roblox.

  1. — Made by XiBiTT;
  2. — Kill someone script! (note: This must work with level 7)
  3.  — Just copy everything below, and edit to your liking!
  4. — Replace VICTIM with the victim’s username!
  5. game.Workspace.VICTIM.Head:Destroy()

The scripts below actually can be used to touch others players. Generally, many Roblox players use this script before killing the others players.

  1. plr=game.Players.LocalPlayer
  2. char=plr.Character
  3. char.Torso.Touched:connect(function(h)
  4. if h.Parent:FindFirstChild(‘Humanoid’) then
  5. h.Parent.Humanoid.Health=0
  6. end
  7. end)
  8. if not do  h.Parent:BreakJoints()

Moreover, you will visit to get complete information for Kill Others Script Roblox Pastebin.

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