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Accessories are additional items in Roblox which can make the look of your avatar more gorgeous. A lot of accessories that you are able to find in Roblox catalog such as glasses, hats, shawls, wings, masks, and many more. The price ranges from the cheapest price to the most expensive price and you can buy based on what you want and also based on the amount of Robux that you have.

Glasses are item which can make the look of your avatar cool. There are a number choices of glasses that you are able to buy in Roblox catalog. One of the glasses that you can buy is Thick Rimmed Glasses 3.0. Have you bought this glasses? Or, you just have heard about this?

Thick Rimmed Glasses 3.0 is categorized into a hat accessories which are created by Roblox on September 28th, 2011. This item is mostly meant for the Roblox 3.0 package and if it is worn by the regular user, it may seem a little big. This glasses costs R$ 85 and the genre of this item is Town and City. If you visit the Roblox catalog and then search this item, in the description section of this item, you are able to read that these stylish glasses fit our latest faces (those included with the man or woman package)! Now, these glasses have been favorited more than 62,400 times and the Roblox ID of this glasses is 62690529.

If you are new in Roblox world, you may still not know where to find the Roblox ID of an item in the Roblox catalog. This information is important to know for every Roblox player. You are able to find the Roblox ID of an item in the URL of the item. So, when you go to the Roblox catalog, you have to click on the item that you want and then in that item page, you have to look at the URL and you will find a series of numbers in it. That is the Roblox ID of an item.

If your avatar is a woman and you want her to wear these glasses, it is okay because these Think Rimmed Glasses 3.0 are commonly seen worn on mostly female avatars with a normal sized face and most likely for those who are going for an oversized and lowered glasses look.

The other glasses which has almost similar name as Thick Rimmed Glasses 3.0 are Green Thick Rimmed Glasses and Horn Rimmed Glasses. Green Thick Rimmed Glasses is a face accessory which was published in Roblox catalog on April 5th, 2013 and it costs R$ 100. These glasses have been favorited more than 1,400 times and the Roblox ID is 111904232. Horn Rimmed Glasses have been published in the catalog on February 12th, 2010 and it can be bought for R$ 98. Now, it has been favorited more than 13,000 times and the Roblox ID of this item is 22151904.

There are still more glasses that you can find in catalog ranging from funny to cool glasses. Those are Retro 3D Glasses, Bike Glasses, Nerd Glasses, Chrome Glasses, Rose Colored Glasses, John’s Glasses, Purple Crazy Glasses, Obnoxious Spring Glasses, Sugar Egg Glasses and many more.

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