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People say that the best things in life are free and that mostly applies to the life of a Roblox player as well. Most of the best games are free to play without any major strings attached and you are not needed to spend any real money to enjoy most of the content on the platform. However, if you want to drop a few bucks to subscribe to the Builders Club, you need to know what Robux is and how they work.

Just like you need money in real life to buys things and get by, most people are going to need some Robux if they want to enjoy Roblox to the fullest. While the vast majority of Roblox is able to be accessed without spending any real money on Robux at all, there are some aspects of the game that you need Robux to see and other parts that are enhanced by the use of Roblox.

The currency named Robux are able to be purchased through a Roblox Card, that can be purchased at many stores in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand such as Walmart, FYE, Target, Game Stop, and many more.

For everyone outside of the United States, the prices are displayed as their country’s currency equivalent. However, the exchange rates are not fully taken into the account by Roblox when buying directly from the site.

How much does it costs to purchase Robux? according to Wiki, for 1,000 Robux, users are able to change their username. Can you get 1000 Robux by spending only $9.95 and enjoying the privilege? before answering the question, you can take a look at a chart below.

R$ Price (USD) More Information
40 R$ $0.49 Roblox Chromeboox Exclusive
80 R$ $0.99 Can be purchased only on the Roblox Mobile App or the Roblox Windows 10 App
160 R$ X $1.99 Discontinued after Rixty payment option removal
240 R$ X $2.99 Discontinued after Rixty payment option removal
320 R$ X $3.99 Discontinued after Rixty payment option removal
400 R$ $4.95 Not available on the Roblox Windows 100 App
800 R$ $9.99 Not available on the Roblox Xbox One App
1,700 R$ $19.99 Replaced the 2000 R$ pack on PC
2,000 R$ $24.99 Replaced 1700 R$ pack on PC
4,500 R$ $49.99 Not available on some mobile devices
10,000 R$ $99.99 Not available on some mobile devices
22,500 R$ $199.99 Discontinued after Robux prices update
75,000 R$ $499.95 Discontinued shortly after being introduced in early 2015

You cannot get 1000 Robux by spending only $9.95 as the price of 800 Robux is more than $9.95. The price of Robux could be changed anytime. All that you have to do is to get the update of the price regularly by visiting the official website of Roblox or something like Wiki. If you want to ask something about Robux, do not hesitate to contact Roblox Support. You can also discuss about the topic with the members of Roblox community.

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