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In fact, many Roblox players missed the old Roblox version, so as the website. They are talking about all Roblox features and the site display on old Roblox website. Even, they want to make it back and see what the site looks like now. Unfortunately, they cannot do to complain it because the some issues. However, they want it because they want to feel back the nostalgia when they are using the old version and website.

In this chance, we will explain you how to see and know the old Roblox site to make you more knowledgeable in playing Roblox. So, let’s begin!

The old Roblox site is mentioned as web archive that you can find on the internet on Actually you can see the differences between the old site and the newest site that we can see today on The old site can be called as the 2D graphics in the layout and also the menus.

  • The Display of Site Title

In the homepage display, you can see the title of site, that’s ROBLOX on the top of the display. On the top right of homepage, you can see the Sign Up and Play completed with the direction sign. It means before you play Roblox, you have to click this direction at all.

  • The Display of Categories

As same as the latest version of Roblox, there are some categories that make the visitor easier to use it. In the old site of Roblox, there are some categories that you can see. Those categories are My Roblox, Games, Catalog, Builder Club, Browse, Forum, News, Parents and Help. It can be called that the old site contains all menus and categories on the front of site. So, it makes the newcomers easier to explore the site although they do not log in to.

Certainly, it is so different from the latest version in which the categories can be seen if you log in to the site. At the homepage of latest version, you just can see three menus, they are Play, About and Platform with the Sign up and Log in Menu on the right side of homepage.

  • The Display of Homepage Content

At the top of the homepage content, you can see the bar in which it is member log in. The bar consists of Character Name and Password. Beside the member log in, you can find some texts which explain what you want to do on the site. Certainly, you can see Roblox Virtual Playworld that Roblox is free with the three lists below:

List 1: Build your personal place in which you can create some buildings, scenery, vehicles, and also traps with tons of virtual bricks inside.

List 2: Meet new friends online in which you can visit your friend’s place, build together and also chat in 3D form.

List 3: Battle in the Brick Arenas in which you are able to play with the slingshot or other brick battle tools. In this list, you have to be careful not to get ‘bloxxed’.

Well, those are some menus, categories and the content on the old sites. Last but not least, you can also find some of your Roblox favorites place images that provide on the bottom of the homepage. Besides, you can click some menu on the bottom menu of homepage if you want to know more about Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us and Jobs.

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