How to Play Old Roblox

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Are you an old player of Roblox? Have you tried playing Old Roblox as long as you are on ROblox? Or You do not know anything about older versions of Roblox because you are newcomer, do you? Perhaps, you are so curious for older versions of Roblox and get a chance thinking how to play Old Roblox. But, can you play older versions of Roblox right know? Keep staying on this page, dude!

As the time goes by, certainly there are updating features and versions for such a game, especially Roblox. Ned to know that Roblox has changed the versions to the latest versions with more complete and awesome features as well. Actually, as Roblox player, you are able to play Roblox by using some gorgeous features to make Roblox player easier to play.

Sometimes, the latest version can be one thing which makes most of players so confused to use. It is because there is the difference of using the features between later version and latest version at all. For that reason, not a little Roblox player prefers to choose the old version of Roblox than the latest version. In fact, there are lots of Roblox players recently who are still looking for the ways in how to play old Roblox. Then, did they find the ways?

Based on some sources that we have found on the forums and trusted sites, there are some opinions that we have concluded. Evidently, some of them said that there is no a way for you that can be a way to play old Roblox right now. The sources confirm that it is a simple question to answer. However, you cannot play an old Roblox version, but you are still able to play Roblox game which use older graphics even then if it is featured.

But, the good news, you can still play old Roblox versions by doing some rules as well. As we got the sources from a YouTube Channel named WeggieNinja, evidently there are some ways that you can do to play Roblox in older versions that we will explain below!

Firstly, you can visit that you can type the URL on the address on your browser.

Secondly, at you arrive at the site, actually you have to make an account. You do not hesitate to make it because it is totally for free. Ensure that you do not use your actual Roblox username and password as you already have. That is totally not a safe thing to do.

Thirdly, if you already make an account, you will be directed into the homepage.

Fourthly, on the page, you will find the old Roblox clients. Usually, the available cliens is the 2012 version. So, you can choose the file to download. But, it is depending on your antivirus software that you use because you will get warning that inform you this file is not safe. So, make sure that you use the smart antivirus on your PC before you download this file.

Fifthly, after the file has been downloaded, now you can play roll box from when it was in 2012.

Sixthly, it is so easier to use, certainly you can choose and open the server that can work in 2012.

lastly, to play old Roblox, you can also buy the stuff in the catalog. So surprise! You can find tons of awesome items in the form of old version as well.

Now, you already know how to play old Roblox version that you can play using a new account that you must register on Good luck, dude!

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