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The Roblox catalog is a section on Roblox where the players of Roblox are able to purchase the virtual clothing and items for their avatar by using Robux. Those items include the faces, gear, heads, accessories, T-shirts, pants, shirts, bundles (package) and animation packs.

In the catalog of Roblox, the items which cannot be purchased are regarded as “off-sale”. The limited items are available at community-based prices in finite quantities. For your information, it is only Roblox has the ability to create and edit items in the catalog of Roblox while the players are able to publish the clothing. The new items are most likely to be published once a new hour strikes during weekends, however they may also be released at non-specific times.

As we said before that in the catalog of Roblox, there are many virtual clothing and items that you are able to find. One of them is the Amazing Spiderman. You have to know that there are many items related the Amazing Spiderman in Roblox catalog. For this case, you are able to go to the catalog of Roblox and the search items related the Amazing Spiderman. We are sure that you are going to get some results. Well, in this article, we are going to share some items related the Amazing Spiderman in Roblox catalog. If you want to know its information, just continue reading the text below.

The first one is the Amazing Spiderman package. Actually, it is a sponsored rented package that made by Roblox on March 30, 2014 for the Amazing Spiderman 2. It is the first sponsored package which followed by the Boxtrolls packages. This Amazing Spiderman package is a red package with lots of black lines and a bit of blue. It has the hat which is red with lots of black lines too. Then, the Amazing Spiderman package has big white eyes and it closely resembles the 4.0 Boy package. If you want to buy this one, fortunately you cannot buy it because the item is not available for now.

The second one is the Amazing Spider-Man Mask. Apparently, in Roblox catalog you are going also to find this Amazing Spider-Man Mask. It is a hat that was published by Roblox in the catalog of Roblox. This item is categorized to town and city, adventure genre. Then, the Roblox ID of this item is 151675683. For those who want to buy this one, you need wait until the item is available for sale. Unfortunately, you cannot get this one because this item is not currently for sale.

The third one is Amazing Spider-Man by Marvel Super Hero Suits Suits. This is a shirt of Amazing Spider-Man that you are able to find and buy in Roblox catalog. According to the research, this shirt was updated on January 04, 2015 by Branded_Swordsman. If you want to buy this one, you are able to buy it for R$10. Please go to the catalog of Roblox. Find the item and click at the green Get button to buy it.

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