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Excellent Employee is the name of the Bloxburg gamepasses that can increase your earnings from jobs and makes promotions more consistent. This kind of gamepass is for people who need money and have the Robux to buy the gamepass.

Apparently, you will be able to make a lot of money with Excellent Employee, especially if you work as the pizza baker. How can it be possible? The answer to the question is because working as the pizza baker can give you lots of money in a short time.

Is there any effect of Bloxburg Excellent Employee? As explained on the page of Excellent Employee on Wiki, the effect of Bloxburg Excellent Employee is to increase both earnings and how often you get promoted.

The Excellent employee can make you a truly excellent employee, increasing both your earnings and how often you get promoted. As stated on the previous paragraph, the main purpose of this gamepass is to increase earnings and speed of promotion. Basically, you will be able to earn about 50% to 55% more and get promoted much faster.

How much do you have to spend for Excellent Employee? According to the page of Gamepasses on Wiki, this gamepass named Excellent Employee costs 300 Robux. Apparently, the price is cheaper compared to the Premium. For the Premium one, the price is 400 Robux. Aside from the Premium, Unlocked Stereo also costs 400 Robux. How about the other gamepasses on Bloxburg? The Multiple Floors has the same price as Excellent Employee which is 300 Robux. For the Advanced Placing, it cost 200 Robux. The price of the Large Plot is 250 Robux. As for the Basements, this one costs only 100 Robux.

After knowing the effect or the purpose of the Bloxburg Excellent Employee, it can be concluded that this gamepass is worth to buy. 300 Robux is nothing compared to everything that you will be able to get. Who doesn’t want to earn about twice the money you regularly make?

Before purchasing this Excellent Employee gamepass, you have to take a note that what increases your payment with the game pass is the mood. If you want to get more money, please make sure to sleep enough, to eat enough, to shower enough, and to watch TV enough. In general, the more your mood is better, the more money you can get.

For example, you are in the pizza delivery and you are able to earn 400 dollars for each pizza you deliver by using bot the gamepass and the good mood. For your information, you will be able to get more money if your level is higher.

Aside from those facts, some people think that the intelligence level can go higher if you read books. Actually, it is not proven yet. You can try this method if you are curious about what it will turn out to be. Once again, it is worth it to buy the gamepass named Bloxburg Excellent Employee as you will be able to earn a lot of money.

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