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A lot of games in Roblox which has reached millions visitors because the game is fun to play. One of these games is Super Bomb Survival which was created by Polyhex. In this game, there are some codes that you will probably need. If you are looking for it, we will tell you about it.

Before we talk about the codes, let’s find out about the game first. Super Bomb Survival is a physics-based survival game in Roblox where it is raining explosive from the sky. In this game, you are able to join your friends and enemies alike in this frantic scramble to avoid explosions all kinds. You are also able to purchase more than 50 skills and more than 20 perks at the game’s Survival Shop to tailor your character to your playstyle or hang out in the arcade and then goof off.

This game was created on June 29th, 2014 and as of August 9th, 2019, this game was last updated on July 15th, 2019. This game can be played by 12 maximum players and until now it has been visited more than 109.7 million times. This game has also been favorited more than 1.2 million times and has been liked more than 307K times.

A lot of badges can be gained in this game such as It’s A Blast, So Close, Survivor, Fuse Rank, Iron Rank, Nitro Rank, Crystal Rank, Brave Yet Dumb, Hardcore, Taking Credit, Explosive Rookie, Explosive Master and many more. Besides, there are also some game passes that you are able to buy. Those are Second Perk Slot for R$ 420, Triple Coin Value for R$ 65, VIP for R$ 400, +10 Max HP for R$ 95, and Map Vote Priority for R$ 35.

Now, how about the codes of this game? Usually, codes in a game can be redeem through a box which is available at the right side of the screen. In the box, there is words which say “Enter the Code” and it is completed with Twitter icon because the code is from Twitter so it is usually called Twitter codes. The game which is like this is Rocitizens. In the Super Bomb Survival, there is no “Enter the Code” box which has Twitter icon or we called it Twitter codes. It seems that codes in this game is entered in other places.

If you try to search the codes for this game, after we did a search, we can not find it. The information about codes for this game is nothing. If you are playing Super Bomb Survival now and you want to know the codes, it is better for you to join a group or a forum and find a thread about it. In the forum or group, you can also ask and discuss about the codes of this game. Now, you can go searching some groups or forums which discuss about Super Bomb Survival codes. We are so sorry for the lack of this content and thank you for reading this. Good luck for your search, guys!

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