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Dragon Ball Z Final Stand is the name of the Roblox game based on the Dragon Ball Universe. This one is the open world RPG that allows you to create the character and take it on its own adventure. You are able to play the game with the other people online and complete quests, fight creatures and bosses for EXP and Zeni. Even though this game does not cost Robux, you are able to buy the special gamepasses in order to give you a little edge.

Just like most games on the platform called Roblox, Dragon Ball Z Final Stand cannot be separated from the script. When it comes to the script, you cannot exclude a thing called Pastebin. Pastebin is such a heaven for those who are looking for the Roblox scripts, including the script of Dragon Ball Z Final Stand. This site will not asked you to sign in to get the access so everything is easy. You can just go there, type “Dragon Ball Z Final Stand” as the keyword on the Search bar, and press the Enter or Search button. In the end, you will be able to see the results that you are looking for.

There are some scripts of Dragon Ball Z Final Stand on Pastebin. One of them was shared by XXBDITTXX on January 1st, 2018. This script has been seen 25,826 times. Here is the script:

local TheGui =“ScreenGui”)

local TheMain =“Frame”)

local Bar1 =“Frame”)

local Bar2 =“Frame”)

local Or =“TextLabel”)

local TheScript =“TextLabel”)

local Execute =“TextButton”)

local Created =“TextLabel”)

local Tutorial =“TextButton”)

local Themes =“TextButton”)

local Thanks =“TextLabel”)

local Credits =“TextButton”)

local ForTheBugTutorialV1 =“Frame”)

local Bar3 =“Frame”)

local Bar4 =“Frame”)

local Leave =“TextButton”)

local How =“TextLabel”)

local V =“TextLabel”)

local ForExecute =“Frame”)

local Bug =“TextButton”)

local Bar5 =“Frame”)

local Go =“TextButton”)

local Bar6 =“Frame”)

local A =“TextLabel”)

local TeleportToArea =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon2 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon3 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon4 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon5 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon6 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon7 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon8 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon9 =“TextButton”)

local TheTutorialMain =“Frame”)

local Bar7 =“Frame”)

local ScriptV =“TextLabel”)

local Away =“TextButton”)

local What =“TextLabel”)

local Bar8 =“Frame”)

local BugTutorial =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon11 =“TextButton”)

local TeleportTutorial =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon12 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon13 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon14 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon15 =“TextButton”)

local ComingSoon16 =“TextButton”)

local TeleportMain =“Frame”)

local Earth =“TextButton”)

local Bar9 =“Frame”)

The script of Dragon Ball Z Final Stand shared by XXBDITTXX above is not complete. If you want to know the complete version, please go to the official website of Pastebin and follow the rest of the steps mentioned above. Aside from the normal script, in the same page, you are able to find the RAW paste data one.

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