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You may have seen some methods that claim that these methods can give you free Robux. However, the truth of them are still doubted. Now, how about earning Robux by using import tool? Is there any such thing to be able to earn Robux for free? Let’s find out the answer.

Based on the search that we do, there is no import tool for Robux. There may be some exploits for getting Robux but the import tool, we do not find any information about it. When we try to search about Robux Import Tool, it goes to the Robux generator. As we all know that Robux generator is a scam. Roblox in its site also states that there is no Robux generator and if you find it, it is surely that the generator is a scam. So, never ever try to use Robux generator.

If you use Robux generator, you will have to enter the username of your Roblox account and then you have to enter the amount of Robux that you want and also the platform that you use for playing Roblox. After that, it will be proceed and then you have to verify the Human Verification. In this step, you have to do some offers such as doing surveys, watching videos or downloading some apps.

Well, the good ways that you are able to do to earn Robux are through legal ways which are introduced by Roblox. The ways to earn Robux based on Roblox are:

  • Buying it in browser, mobile and Xbox One apps;
  • Being a member of membership to get a Robux stipend;
  • Selling shirts, pants and place access and then you will be able to get a percentage of the profit.
  • Selling game passes and if you have membership, you can get a bigger profit but if you do not have membership, you will get a smaller profit.

In the article of Roblox, even there is a question whether we can earn free Robux. The answer from Roblox is no. You are not able to get Robux for free. Robux are only able to be gained through buying it for real world currency and those are sold by the Roblox company.

So, after knowing this, hopefully now you can buy Robux legally and do not follow the ways which are not trusted and illegal since it can harm yourself.

Well, why is Robux very precious for Roblox players? It is because Robux is a currency in Roblox so that it can be used for buying anything such as:

  • Creating groups;
  • Changing username;
  • Uploading thumbnails for places;
  • Creating a Badge;
  • Bidding on an advertisement, clothing, groups or models;
  • Paying access to certain games;
  • Buying items in the catalog;
  • Buying game passes and developer products in specific games;
  • Uploading an audio files.

So many things that we can buy if we have a lot of Robux, right? However, it does not mean that we can get Robux by using any ways. You have to get Robux based on the rules of Roblox. So, good luck!

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