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The old currency of Roblox is Robux (RBX). The players of Roblox can earn Robux by purchasing, another player who buying their items, or by earning daily Robux Stipend with a membership.

Now, we are going to explain it more detail. Apparently, there are some a few different ways Robux can be earned or purchased.

  • You have to be Builders Club members that can give you daily with Robux stipend.
  • If you are the member of the Builders Club, so you will receive 70% of the profit from the selling of t-shirts, shirts, pants and place access.
  • You will be able to earn Robux throuh selling the game passes of Roblox. If you are a member of Builders Club, so you will receive profit 70% of sales, than if you are not member of Builders Club, so you only receive profit 10% of sales
  • Join in Developer Attribution to earn Robux if you are a Developer.
  • You are able to purchase Robux on the official Robux page.
  • Participate in the Affiliate Program to earn Robux. It is available for both Builders Club and Non Builders Club member.
  • For the developers, you are able to collect Robux through Mobile Ads.


On September 26, 2008, alongside the guest feature, Roblox released the ability to purchase Robux through its website. Then, on December 11, 2012, the ability to purchase Robux through the Roblox Mobile App was released. You are able also to buy Robux through a Roblox Card that you can buy at many stores. The users with an active premium membership are going to receive an additional Robux bonus if they purchase Robux.


  • For 100 Robux, the users in a premium membership are able to make a group.
  • For 25 Robux, the group owners are able to make a new rank for their group.
  • for 500 Robux, before the new group layout, the group owners could make a clan for their group. For note: Now, Clans can no longer be purchased.
  • For 1,000 Robux, the users are able to change their username.
  • The users are able to upload thumbnails for their places. An image thumbnail was free now, but a video thumbnail costs 500 Robux.
  • The users are able to make a Badge for their game at a price of 100 Robux each.
  • The users are able to bid on an advertisement for their games, groups, clothing, or models for different amounts of Robux. The value has to at least be 10 Robux.
  • The users are able to pay to access certain games with varying prices.
  • The users are able to purchase the items in the catalog for varying amounts of Robux, excluding free items.
  • The users are able to buy the game passes and developer products for specific games.
  • The users are able to upload an audio file to the Library, with costs ranging from 20 Robux to 350 Robux depending on how long the length of the audio is.

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