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Roblox players who really need Robux will do anything to get Robux for free. It includes to join a Robux giveaway Youtube live. Have you ever seen and joined a Robux giveaway at Youtube live? If not, then you are able to try to join this. Who knows that you will win this time.

If you want to join Robux giveaway in Youtube live, you need to know the information about it before so that when it is held, you will not miss it. Usually, someone who will do a giveaway in Youtube will announce it several days before so that his subscribers will turn on notification and do not miss this event.

One of the Live Robux giveaway in Youtube which was held is Live Robux Giveaway by SykoPlayz. Now, the recording of this live video still exists and you can watch it. The video is about 2 hours 41 minutes and 33 seconds. It means that when you have a plan to join a Robux giveaway Youtube live, you need to prepare your internet connection and also your time because usually this event is held in a long period. Usually it is held more than 1 hour. So, be prepare.

If you want to join a Youtube live Robux giveaway, you have to subscribe or follow a Roblox Youtubers so that you will get notified when they hold a Robux giveaway live in their Youtube and you will not miss this event. Besides, you are also able to join some groups or forum to update information about who will hold a Robux giveaway in Youtube live. You are able to exchange information about that in the forum and group. You can also follow the twitter accounts of some popular Roblox players or Youtubers so that you will get notified when they will do a Robux giveaway.

However, if we talk about free Robux either from giveaway, sites or even groups, you need to be careful with it. There are a lot of sites, accounts, groups or videos which claim that they can give you free Robux by giving away or other methods but actually it is fake. So, before you join something to get free Robux make sure that you investigate it first. If you see something suspicious, you are able to leave it. But, if you see that it is okay, you can go on with it.

However, the legal ways to get Robux are like these.

  • Buying from a Robux page through websites, mobile, and Xbox One apps.
  • Having a membership so that you will get Robux daily.
  • Having membership so that you are able to sell pants, shirts, and place access and then getting a percentage of the profit.
  • Selling game passes.

Those are the legal ways to get Robux. But, there are also other ways that you can do to get Robux such as giveaways and donation. But, when you join giveaway, make sure that the giveaway event that you join is not a scam. How about Robux generator? Robux generator is a scam so it is better for you to avoid Robux generator.

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