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Robux is the main currency in Roblox now so that if you do not have Robux, it means that you cannot do anything in this online gaming platform. In Roblox, there are some Robux Donations groups which are created to donate some Roblox payers. Do you know the names of Donation Groups in Roblox?

If you search Robux Donation Groups in Roblox, you will be given a lot of results and some of them are listed below.

  • The Donation Group of Roblox

This group was created by KinqImMrLonely and now the members of this group is 8,190 members. In the description section, they say that it is a clothing group and a donation group. The more clothes bought, the more Robux that they can donate. In the Store section, there are a lot of outfits which are sold such as Girls shirt for R$ 10, Fire and ice hoodie foe R$ 10, Tux for R$ 10, Purple Fancy Tux for R$ 10 and many more. Under the description, you can also see the funds which are collected now.

  • Robux Donations Group

This group was created by bobbo377 and now it has 803 members. In the description, it is written that you are able to rank up and receive more and more Robux. In addition, he also writes that a random member will be selected every time someone donates. Under the description, there is the funds which has been collected. In the Store section, there are 5 Robux Donation for R$ 5, 100 Robux Donation for R$ 100, 1000 Robux Donation for R$ 1,000 and some more.

  • Donation Robux Group

This group is created by Abstr_xt and now this group has 2,417 members. In the description section, it is written that you can click Store and then check out his clothing and then you can buy for more giveaways. Under the description, there is the funds which has been collected until now. If you click on Store, there are a lot of items that you can buy such as Spooky Blue Pumpkin Sinister Hoodie for R$ 2,000; SWAT for R$ 5; New Supreme – Camo Jacket w/ Supreme for R$ 5; Department Leader Coat Top for R$ 5; Thrasers Crop + Checkered Jacket w Black ext for R$ 5; Iron Man Armour for R$ 5; Classic Adidas Crop Hoodie for R$ 5 and many more.

If you search more Robux Donation groups in Roblox, you may be able to find more groups. To start joining a Robux Donation group, you are able to start joining the groups which we mentioned above. There, you have a chance to get Robux Donation. And also, if you think that you do not need any Robux because you have so much Robux in your balance, you are able to buy some shirts in the Store section of those groups so that you are able to donate your Robux to the Roblox players who need it.

When you join a group, make sure that the group is active. If you join the group which is not active anymore, you may not have chance to get donation.

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