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You may be looking for the script which can make everyone who is playing Roblox crashed. Perhaps, you want to kick the player than crashing them. But, you still think that it is not a good way for the solution and make them pain at all. So, you prefer to use the script to crash them. If you are so excited to make other players crashed, you can use the script that we will show in the below!

Talking about Roblox crash script, certainly it can be triggers and hot topic to talk. It is because every Roblox players will need the script if they get something bad from other players. The crash script focus for the player who try to glitch outside the given environment or try to exploit the game and go into places that they are not supposed to go. For that reason, the script is very needed considering there are too many players do something forbidden on Roblox that make others loss.

The crash script focuses on crashing the games that are being played by everyone on Roblox. Need to know that the script cannot be used to crash anyone’s computers, it just works on game. Indeed, the script is so easy and simple to use. You are able to take the script on some sites that provides tons of script such as,, and many more. Besides, you can get the instant crash script for free on the catalog of Roblox.

Then, if you are interested to use the script, you can copy and paste the script that we show.

warn(“This..>-!Instantly Crash Everyone”)–EFFECTS YOU THO

–instantly crash people.


for i=1,x do


for _, player in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do

if player.Character then

local lag = (“HopperBin”)– the lag

lag.Name = “Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash-Lag-Crash”

lag.Parent = player.Backpack


——-(there is still script)

r.Text = “C_R_A_S_H [Made By TheBirdIsABird9 On V3rm]”

r.Parent = player.Character


local f = (“ForceField”)

local v = (“Fire”)

local b = (“Smoke”)

f.Parent = workspace

v.Parent = workspace

b.Parent = workspace

——-(there is still script)




If the script above does not work, you can also add this script to crash everyone.

players.Character.Parent = game.Lightning


player.Character.Parent = workspace.Terrain

player.Character.Parent = workspace

Sometimes, the script that you take to crash player on Roblox is not working. Many players use the script to crash other players, but it seems to make the whole server crash instead of affecting the player who touched the part. Indeed, that’s so difficult to avoid if the whole server is affected by the script you use. But, you do not worry, because there is a script that you can try if the whole server is crashing. Here you go!

local part = script.Parent


    if hitPart.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) then

        local character = hitPart.Parent

        local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(character)

        player:Kick(“You have left the playable bounds”)




Well, those are the script that can make everyone on Roblox crashed. Make sure that you use the script just for the players who glitch outside their environment.

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