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Wizard Life is the name of the Roblox game inspired by the Harry Potter series. Those are a few game modes to the game. There are three game modes of Roblox Wizard Life. The first one is School Roleplay, the second one is Artifact Theft, and the third one is PVP Mode.

The School Roleplay mode can be described as the role playing mode. It is where you are able to hang out with your friends in the school map that never changes. When you join the server, you are able to choose between 4 houses (teams) and choose your grade. In this game mode, you are able to cast the spells that you gained from the Artifact minigame (now PVP mode) or the ones that you bought from the store. Aside from that, you are also able to cast the common spells without buying anything.

The Artifact Theft was known as the upcoming game mode. It was where the players had to compete each other in order to get the artifact first by casting spells at each other. This game mode has some maps and winners would get the special item, pet or the spell that could not be found on the store for winning the game. At the time, this one was canceled eventually and it was decided to replace it with the PVP Arena instead for the unknown reason.

There was not the known objective of PVP Mode. Some people said that the rewards from the Artifact game would stay the same in this new game mode. Apparently, this one game mode is not available yet.

Talking about the Roblox Wizard Life, there are some codes of the game. The codes of Roblox Wizard Life are known as Roblox Wizard Life staff codes as they are all released by the staff of Roblox Wizard Life. There are some Roblox Wizard Life staff codes that you will be able to find on the Internet. Some of them are Typhoon Summoner staff (3210526113), Axe (3240543366), Sun Wukong staff (3116208275), and Witch brew hat (305888394).

Those Roblox Wizard Life staff codes mentioned above are taken from the Youtube channel called Aesthetic Gamer. There is the possibility of the code being expired so it is better for you to check out the channel regularly. Remember that using the expired code will give you nothing so do not waste your time and energy to try the expired code.

In the future, there might be the new code of Roblox Wizard Life staff that will be released. All that you have to do is to keep updating the new information about it by visiting some source. One of the best sources to get the information is the community of Roblox Wizard Life. Please join the community of the game and update the information regularly. In the same community, you will be able to discuss and ask the question about anything related to Roblox Wizard Life, including about the Roblox Wizard Life staff code.

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