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User Generated Content or UGC can be described as an Avatar Shop (formerly known as catalog) feature that allows users to publish their own items and sell them. Every unique items are able to be viewed under the Community Creations category.

Roblox stated that the feature called User Generated Content or UGC will only be allowed to certain users at first, but many had suspected that well-known Roblox content creators in the official Roblox Video Stars Program will have access to it, although the thing is not the case. Roblox has come to the point that they will defend on the content created by eligible users rather than prioritizing assets created by the official Roblox account sometime in the future, that is managed by admins to publish the items as default.

User Generated Content or UGC is not as smooth as people might think. There is an issue related to Roblox UGC copies. The feature of User Generate Content has mostly been criticized due to potential copies of pre-existing catalog items by Roblox or unoriginal ideas, including various hats by terabyte (BiggestHead, Illuminati, Despacito Spider, and Triple Headstack) and some hats by Erythia, such as the numerous Anthler hats and Feathered War Helm.

Aside from that, UGC has also specifically been criticized by the trading community for fears of limited and limited unique items dropping in value. This originally started when the Downtown Denizen Fedora was uploaded by WhoToUs and had subsequently been claimed by a portion of the community to be a ripoff of The Classic Roblox Fedora, despite the Downtown Denizen Fedora using a different mesh and texture. A lot of players complained about the top of the fedoras.

In the end, the ability for OGC creators to allow comments has drawn criticism as the vast majority of UGC comment sections tend to be filled with spam chains unrelated to the item such as /e free and Post this one X items copypastas as well as generally harbor toxicity due to particular users personally attacking the other commenters as well as the publisher of the item themselves.

Talking about Roblox UGC copies, it was revealed on December 6, 2019 that the star creators will be given the ability to request the items of User Generated Content to be created per tweet of TheMeganPlays. Some choose star creators were given the ability to request an item early to test the feature. The manager of Roblox catalog originally let the item of MeganPlays to be created to test the feature, but her item was quickly turned into a blank item uploaded by the Roblox account. Later, a copy of the item was re-uploaded onto the catalog the afternoon that the original was deleted, and can still be purchased to this day. Currently, star creators are able to only request one item to be created. If you want to know more about Roblox UGC copies, do not forget to visit the official website of Roblox and also the community of it.

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