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As we know that Roblox has toys and people can buy it in different shops and locations. The toys consist of some popular characters, developers and users in Roblox. They are very cool. But now, the question is, can we make a Roblox custom action figure?

If you want to have custom action figure of Roblox toys, you are able to do that. It is important for you to know that Roblox toys can be mixed and matched with the other Roblox toys. The arms of toys are fashioned in R6 form while the legs are formatted into R15 form.

One of Roblox users in shares his tips in making custom Roblox action figure. To be able to customize your action figure using Roblox toys, he shares some things that you need:

  • A Roblox figure
  • A sheet of white backed water transfer decal paper
  • Wet and dry paper
  • Runny Glue
  • Super Glue

For equipment, you need:

  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Tweezers
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Gloves
  • Pot and Water
  • Printer

You will also need some softwares such as Roblox Studio, Roblox Player and Microsoft Publisher.

If you want to make a custom Roblox action figure, you have to choose an appropriate base figure to be able to style your character on. The figure that you buy comes with designs already printed onto them. If you want to decorate them, you can do it without having to remove the old features. But, you are able to separate all parts of the figure such as separating the head, arms, legs from the torso. You have to make sure that you rinse all the muck off which are left by the wet and paper and then leave it to dry.

To make the figure simpler to work on, you have to disable some swappable parts from being swappable and to hold some joints in. To do this, you can first disable the piece which attaches the torso to the legs. Then, fill the inside of the torso with runny glue and leave it to dry. Then, the second part to disable is the movement in the legs. To disable the leg, you can open the front of the leg as if it were in a sitting position and then you have to apply super glue in the plastic area. Then, you can close the leg up so it is standing and wipe away any excess glue. You are able to customize this figure as you want so that you can express your creativity

But, if you think that customizing the Roblox figure by using the method above is too difficult, you are able to mix and match the accessories of each Roblox toy that you have without having to remove and disable all of the body parts of your Roblox figure. For example, another Roblox toy in your home has a hat and you want the hat is worn by the figure that you just bought. You can do that. So, just make the Roblox action figure that you have to be cool and awesome as you imagine.

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