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Roblox Tower Defense refers to the Tower Defense game. In the game, zombies try to walk through a path on maps. It is from the entrance to the exit while towers try to stop them. This one was originally started as a school project by Paradoxum Games on June 5, 2019. This game might be considered new but it has been played 6,029 times, has been favorited 378,754 times, and has been visited more than 131.1M times.

In Roblox Tower Defense, no one is able to survive alone. You have to join your friends to fend off countless waves of zombies, fight bosses, earn coins, level up, and buy new towers. For those who are feeling up for a challenges, you can try taking on harder bosses on harder difficulties.

Zombies are the name of the main threat in the game. You need to kill them before they reach the base or else they will damage it. Currently, there are 26 zombies in the game, and 6 event zombies. The health of the zombies is based amount of players in the game. before anything, please assume x is the base hp of the zombies. Aside from that, please take try to calculate the formula for mega servers. Here is the formula:

3 players

4 players


As stated before, zombies attempt to walk through a path on maps from the entrance to the exit. So far, there are 25 maps in total. Each of them having their own difficulty, Normal, Hard, and Insane. A couple of maps have many turns, and some of them have nothing but a straight line. Most maps have a full 68 waves every map it very well decorated. Some of the maps are Rocket Arena, Badlands, End Of The Line, Nether, Fungi Forest, and so on.

This paragraph will talk about the towers. Some of the towers in the game include Hunter, Medic, Crook Boss, Gladiator, Minigunner, Commando, Turret, and Outlaw. Hunter can be described as a new tower that is rewarded by redeeming the code “B1RDHUNT3R” that was released in the celebration of Twitter account reaching 10,000 followers of BelowNatural. The Medic is the name of the tower that is able to be bought in the store for $2000. This one costs $15,600 to fully upgrade it after the starting cost of $900. It joined the battle in the Mega Update that was released on October 13, 2019, also following the new Bird Hunter tower. This tower is able to revive towers, heal the base of the tower, buffs the towers, and remove the debuffs with its ability. The Crook Boos is the name of the united that can be obtained after reaching level 30, or by purchasing the Crook Boss game pass for 400 Robux. This one wears the business suit, black pants, and wields a Tommy Gun with a magazine. It is a well-rounded unit good for early late game, it is able to potentially produce the highest DPS in the game.

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