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The Scout in Roblox Tower Battles is the name of the default tower in which all players are given when starting the game. at level 1, this one fires a shot every 1.5 seconds and deals 1 damage per shot. At level 1, it has a blue torso with blue legs along with faint yellow colored head and arms. This thing is armed with a M1911 pistol.

The Scout is the cheapest tower to fully upgrade to level 5. Actually, the Scarecrow is the cheapest to get to max level costing $300, as it has no upgrades. At a thing named Frozen Wastelands, the Scout is able to be seen near the campfire in the corner. On August 2019, a thing known as a backwards cap was added to the level 4 Scout.


Visibility ($100)

  • Slightly increases the range of the Scout.
  •  Added cosmetics: sunglasses
  •  Sell price changes to $175.

Higher Cal ($200)

  • Damage every shot increases from 1 to 2. (+1) (1.33 DPS)
  • Added cosmetics: The gun of the Scout gets slightly darker
  • Sell price changes to $275.

Highest Cal ($600)

  • Damage every shot increases from 2 to 4. (+2) (2.67 DPS)
  • Added cosmetics: The gun of the Scout reverts to a lighter texture with the laser pointer and wears a backwards cap
  • Sell price changes to $575.

Secret Agent ($1,200)

  • The Scout now wields two guns, effectively doubling the DPS, firing the shot every 0.75 second. (5.33 DPS)
  • Allows the Scout to detect and target a thing called Camouflaged Enemies.
  • Slightly increases the range of the Scout.
  • Added cosmetics: Scout wears clockwork shades, black fedora, navy blue legs, and torso, and wears a tie
  • Sell price changes to $750.

This paragraph will talk about the tactics of Roblox Tower Battles the Scout. Here is the detail:

1. Please avoid using this tower after early game as there are many towers deal more damage than the Scout, unless one is a new player. During the mid or late game, the Scout will be ineffective against the strong enemies such as Boss2 and Lava.

2. The Scout has the decent DPS for the price compared to the other towers of its tier. This one only costs $2350 to fully upgrade the tower, making it the good decision if one is not able to afford more expensive towers.

3. Some Scouts are effective against Hiddens,but be wary this one is able to only target them when it is fully upgraded.

4. If the opponent is sending zombies at the earlier waves, please try to get enough Scouts in order to depend the rush. Due to the low price, they are able to be effective against small or medium hoards of the low hitpoint zombies.

5. The Scout is really useful when it is used with the Cryo Gunner when placed correctly.

6. The max upgrade of this one is decently effective against Boss1.

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