How to Make a Funtional Gun in Roblox

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For those who want to make a gun in Roblox, here we have a way to make a gun in Roblox. So, just read the text below and make sure that you do not miss any information.

  • At the first step, you have to open Roblox Studio. Then, open a new place.
  • To make a gun, you need to start making your ‘model’ of your gun. Please, make sure it is large and big, not as the size of your character, but about as big as a Robloxian House.
  • After that, you can name one part as “Handle” and one part as “Barrel”. The “Handle” is the part that once a player touches it, the player can use the gun, while the “Barrel” is the part where the bullets come out.
  • Please look at the top left of your screen and go to Insert, Object and Tool. The Tool goes directly to Workspace. It is one of the most important things and cannot be missed, because the Tool is the one responsible for creating your gun usable.
  • Then, you can go to Free Models and Insert the script named “Minimap Script
  • Now, you need to insert the script. Make sure that the script works once a message on top of your screen appears. Next, you should see the big model of your gun turned into a tiny one. Just find the minimap model in your workspace.
  • Afterwards, you have to delete the Minimap Model found on your Workspace. Open the Minimap Script you inserted into the Workspace.
  • When you are done making changes, please exit from the script and Copy it. Delete the script and then Paste. At the top of your screen, a message will appear.
  • Just click onto your Minimap Model and open it and then you might see these names of the parts: Workspace->Part.
  • In this step, you have to delete the unnecessary words which found on the name of the part of your gun. For example, when its Workspace -> Part, please delete Workspace -> so that the only one left is “Part”.
  • You need to repeat this the same as for “Handle” and “Barrel”.
  • You are able to exit from your Model of your gun and drag the Minimap Model into Tool. Ungroup it when its inside the Tool.
  • Now, you must insert the gun in your Workspace. Open it and Copy all of the scripts which found in the Gun, then paste it into the Tool where you dragged in your Minimap Model.
  • After inserting, you are able to test it now. If it worked, the gun of yours might be in a weird position once you equipped it. To fix it, do not equip it.
  • You must go to Players and Backpack, next click the gun. Then, equip it.
  • There will be a property named “Appearance”. Mess with it so that you are able to get the right Grip Position.

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