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The Smiles Household is the name of the game that was created by the creator of the game named SethSmiles on November 17, 2018. Since the first time its release, this one has been played by 5, has been favorited by 26,277, and has been visited by more than 908.1k.

Are you interested in the game called The Smiles Household and want to play the game? if the answer to the question is yes, first of all, you can just go to the official website of Roblox and log in to the site. Actually, you can log in later after finding out the game but doing is earlier is better. After logging in, head to the Search bar and type “The Smiles Household” as the keyword. Once you are in the page of the game, there is the green Play button. Please press the button to be able to play the game.

For the beginner, it might be hard for you to play the game named The Smiles Household. In order to eat everything, it is better for you to read the walkthrough of The Smile Household. This following walkthrough is taken from a Youtube channel named Synadex. You can visit the channel to get the details. Before it, please read it first and do not miss a single word.

Right at the spawn, head to the garage. Grab the shovel that is hanging to the wall. Then, head back to the boats. Use the boat. The boat will bring you to the land named Cemetery Land. Then, find the graves that has a fresh dug out dirt. You are able to easily spot the graves out by zooming out. Equip your shovel, then click on the graves. Click on the note, and the code for the vault is written on it. Apparently, every server has the same code. Here is the thing on the screen: “I keep the key to the cellar hidden in the safe within my office. The code to the safe is 0191”. 0191 is the code to the safe upstairs by the computer.

After that, head back to the boat to be able to get back to the island. Head to the house, the third floor. On your way to the third floor, you can grab some caffeinated marshmallow. Click on the vault, and then use the code (0191). Grab the key and head to the cellar door. Use the key to unlock the door.

Aside from 0191, there are some other codes for The Smiles Household. The second code is 19368. It is the code to the safe in the second place. The third code is “hnrovh”, which is smiles in Reverse Alphabet. The fourth code is “Overprotective”. You have to stand right next to the door for it to work. The fifth code is long. It is “Life doesn’t hate you, but it doesn’t love you either”. Same as the last one, you need to stand right next to the door for it to work.

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