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Banana is one of skills on the game of Roblox Super Bomb Survival. It is a skill that available during the Minions Event 2015. Banana skill found in the lobby and obtained as a gift during the Beesmas Event 2017 By Mah_bucket. In this time, this Banana skill can you get by finding a banana in the Super Bomb Survival lobby.

There is a code that you can use. The code is 1116524. Upon activation, so a banana is going to spawn in-front of you and sits there until the charging bar will fill up again. Once it sits there, you have to hope that someone will not realize where they are walking and they slip on it for roughly 2-3 seconds. This is going to affect foes and others.


For those who are new in the game of Roblox Super Bomb Survival, you may want to know how to get Banana. Do not be sad because here we are going also to inform you about that. For this case, you are able to spawn on the piano, in the top yellow box, on the bench next to the tables, next to the pizza box, on top of the cubbyholes, on the steel platform behind the cannon facing the tables, and next to the pool. There are also two tips and tricks for the game of Roblox Super Bomb Survival:

  • Try to place it in a dark area where no one will see it.
  • Try to get the players to slip off ledges so they are able to fall in lava.

You are able also to watch some videos on YouTube that show a way to get Banana in Roblox Super Bomb Survival. Of course, there are some videos that show about its way. We are going to inform you a video that you are able to watch for finding a way to get Banana in the game of Roblox Super Bomb Survival. That video is entitled “How To Get Banana – Roblox Super Bomb Survival”. It was published by Furieux Lance Gaming on July 27, 2018. Currently, it has 1,246 views. On that video, the publisher share a way to get Banana in the game of Roblox Super Bomb Survival. Just watch that video to know its way.

You have to know that Banana skill is the only “Event skill” that so far to be obtained in two events; One Official Roblox event and One Fan-Made event. As we know that Event skills are essentially any abilities that are not available for buy by the conventional means. Besides Banana skill, there are also other skills in Event skill category. Those are Halloween Skills and Perk (Pumpkin Bomb, Spooky Jump, BOO, Candy Corn and Hallow Wings), Bloxgiving Skills (Drumsticks and Spicy Turkey), Roblox Toy Perk; Air Dash, and Holiday Official Event Skill; Ice Meteor. The last, if you have any question related Roblox Super Bomb Survival Banana, so we allow you to send us an email for assistance.

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