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Games in Roblox usually have a lot of servers. So, no wonder why when you see that a game can be played by 50 maximum players but you see that at that time there are 1200 players who are playing. It means that those players play in different servers.

Now, you may want to know whether there is a software or anything that can be used to find small server in Roblox. Okay, if you need a small server finder for Roblox we are going to explain about it. MyUsernamesThis Youtube channel in his video entitled How to Find Small Servers Fastest Method for Grinding | Roblox Jailbreak shares his idea how to find small servers. In his video, he says that to find small server, you need a Roblox Plus. It can be downloaded in Google Chrome through your browser.

If you want to download Roblox Plus, follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to access Google and then search Roblox plus in it.
  • From the results, you have to choose the first one which is Roblox Plus Chrome Web Store.
  • Make sure that you click on the Add to Chrome button and it is available at the upper right of the screen.
  • If you have added Roblox Plus, now you can go to Roblox game such as Jailbreak.

Now, you are able to do something to find small servers in a Roblox game. To do that, you can click on Servers and then scroll down and at the bottom you will see an arrow to see another page, so click on it. Make sure you click the last arrow. Then, you have to right click on a left arrow which you can find at the bottom of the page. The arrow is for going to previous page. Then, you have to do Inspect Element. There will be a line that you have to copy and then enter it there. Now, you can close the Inspect Element and then you can click on Back button to go to previous page. Then, you will see the server with the least amount of people.

You may also find empty servers, you can do that by using Google Chrome for the web store. Same as the method above, you also need Roblox Plus as a plugin. After you add Roblox Plus, now you are able to go to a game in Roblox and then go to the server tab. You can click on the second arrow on the right and then click on Inspect. Scroll a little bit and then you have to see “last disabled” and change it into “last enabled”.

You are able to try it now. If you think that it will be easier for you to follow the steps by watching videos, you are able to watch a video of MyUsernamesThis entitled How to Find Small Servers Fastest Method for Grinding | Roblox Jailbreak which was published on November 15th, 2017 and if you want to know how to find empty server, you can watch a video of Inferno Productions entitled Roblox | How to Find Empty Servers which was published on March 18th, 2018.

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