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Can you join the Roblox VIP Servers by clicking link on Mobile? Apparently, there are many Roblox players who ask it. Even, you may often find many people who share a link to join the Roblox VIP Servers. Actually, as a Developer of Roblox, it is impossible to share a Roblox VIP Server link that allow you to join.

You may be confuse about this. Well, we want to explain more detail and make you understand. You have to know that Roblox VIP servers have always been ‘broken’ for mobile devices. In this case, if you click on a Roblox VIP server link on a mobile device, so it is going to only bring you to the game page and nothing else. If you (the owner of the VIP server) goes an invites people on the configure page, so they will be able to click the join button on the server itself, but not by clicking the link. Once Roblox pushes more and more into the mobile market, this named a huge red flag that Roblox VIP server links continue to not function for a mobile device.

Based on the explanation above, we are able to say that you cannot join the Roblox VIP servers by clicking link on Mobile. If you want to join the Roblox VIP Servers, so you are able to do some following steps. Well, in this article, we are going to share some steps for you to join a Roblox VIP Server. The first thing that you have to do is find a server you want to join. After that, you are able to put a comment at the bottom to make the owner of server can add you to the server. For example, now you want to join the server of Roblox expedition. If the owner of server add you to the server, then you are able to go on Roblox Expedition and scroll down. Afterwards, you are able to click the games tab and then click Join on the server you want to join. In addition, if you want to report people who breaking the rules on a VIP Server, so you are able to post or share his/her name in the comments.

Talking about Roblox VIP Servers, you may also want to know how to create a Roblox VIP Server. As we know that VIP servers are private game servers that can be purchased for participating games. If you purchase a Roblox VIP server, so you can decide who’s allowed to play the game with you. When you want to enable VIP servers for your game, you are able to create VIP servers by visiting the game’s page and opening the Servers tab. In the text below, you can see a way to create a VIP Server step by step.

At the first step, you have to click at “Create VIP Server” button. Then, you will be asked to purchase the VIP server. In this case, the price set by the developer. Afterwards, you are able to give it a name. Automatically, the server is going to renew every month until cancelled.

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