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How to Rap Battle in Roblox? Usually, we are able to write rap in bars/lines. Two bars together in a rap battle are able to be broken down into Setup bar or Punchline. You have to know that the first bar is the setup of the punchline.

The difference is you need to include rhyme scheme and rap flow in it to make it interesting. The best punchlines in rap battles almost always have some sort of wordplay included and much of the time it includes double meanings words to create this wordplay. Examples of double meaning words are:

  • Ball/Ball – Like ball as in round object or ball as in a ball for dancing.
  • Or words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings: Balled/Bawled, Hey/Hay, Plain/Plane and Close/Clothes

The key is to take these simple words and put them into different sayings or combinations with those words.

Talking about Roblox roast battle, you may also want to know how to roast Roblox players. Fortunately, we have a bunch of ways that you can use:

  • Use poor grammar to achieve the epitome of a roast, on earth should use the worst understandable grammar.
  • Discover their race based on their characters in game and you may be able to search some racist jokes on those (may break rules on quora if posted here)
  • Look for inspiration, like you did here, and now you got it. Just take a look at these memulous examples.

Now, we remind also about the game in Roblox called Auto Rap Battles. It is a game that was created by Auto Rap Battles Community on December 2016. The main goal of Auto Rap Battles game is to rap against the enemy/opponent, then at the end the spectators are going to vote for the better rapper. If you win, so you will get a point. With each point you have, you are able to different microphones and different hats. On October, the game was shutdown and replaced with Roblox Rap Battles randomly. For your information, actually the game was first created by ActiveMiner, but then passed on to Games_Page. When Games_Page was banned, it was being thrown around with random owners. Most of its owners were bots, but then was finally claimed by VuxVux. Then, it was turned around again, when VuxVux let ActiveMiner script the game, and add new updates to it.

According to the research, there is also a group named rap battles and roasts for savages. That group was created and owned by sweetsunandmoonlight. Currently, that rap battles and roasts for savages group has 114 members. Some of them are jpiu76, ThaRealV12, skateb8, IAMNOOBIEfr, LPScustomadventures, PewDieFan465225 and more. Apparently, this group specially created to discuss and share anything related Roblox Rap Battle and roasts for savages. By the way, do you interested to join with that group? If you are interested to join with them, so you are able to join now.

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