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The Tuber in the Roblox game called Tower Battles is known as the early game to late game tower that fires a rocket, damaging any zombies caught within the blast radius. This one specializes in crowd control, being able to wipe out groups of zombies with relative ease. At level 1, this thing shoots once every 5 seconds, dealing 4 direct damage and 4 splash damage. Apparently, the slash damage gets applied to the same zombie as the direct one does. Basically, the Tuber deals 8 direct damage total.

The Tuber is able to be considered the extremely effective tower for the Halloween events. It is because this one is able to easily wipe out the absurd amount of zombies the Reaper spawns, and unlike the Mortar, it is affordable and does not waste cliff space that could be used for Railgunners.. do you want to know the other tactics of it? Here are the rest of the tactics:

  • It is really important for the Tuber to be placed around turns and bends due to the slow fire rate of the Tuber. This thing makes the map Borderlands the especially effective place to use Tubers due to the well-known “S-Bend”.
  • Al level 1 to 3, the Tuber excels at clearing hordes of Slows. At level 4, this one excels at clearing Hiddens and Mysteries and at level 5, it excels at clearing hordes of Lava and other lower heath zombies so more powerful towers, such as Phasers and Railgunners are able to target stronger bosses.
  • Triumphing with only the tuber is not possible, but triumphing with flamethrower, commander and tuber is possible on long maps like Borderlands and Midnight Road.
  • At the start of the game, its perfect defense when combined with the sniper, and it is able to keep the zombies in bay until Wave 9.


Faster Reloading ($320)

  • Now shoots once every 4 seconds.
  • Added cosmetics: Black Gloves
  • Sell price changes to $585.

Goggles ($650)

  • Allows the Tuber to target camouflaged enemies.
  • Increases range by a moderate amount.
  • Added cosmetics: Night version goggles.
  • Sell price changes to $985.

RPG ($1,800)

  • The blast radius is increased.
  • Damage is increased to 10 (+6), so total direct damage is now 20.
  • Added cosmetics: Replaced rocket launcher with an RPG, gets a black face mask.
  • Sell price changes to $1885.

High Tech Microwave ($6,160)

  • The blast radius is significally increased.
  • Increased range by the small amount.
  • Damage is increased to 32 (+22), so total direct damage is now 64.
  • Added cosmetics: Blue apparel, replaced the RPG with the blue, re-skinned Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, changed explosion color from orange to blue.
  • Sell price changes to $4685.

For your information, the common misconception of the damage output of the Tuber is that it deals x2 direct damage than the splash. However, it deals exactly the same direct damage as it’s splash. The thing is the splash damage gets inflicted to any zombie in the blast, including the one the direct damage was inflicted on.

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