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Some of you may have a dream to be a great rapper. You are able to sharpen your rap skill by playing rap battle games on Roblox. Some rap games on Roblox are Rap Battles by Decabox, Auto Rap Battles 2 by A Gamer’s Studio, Inventory Auto Rap Battles 3 by Verdalen, Auto Rap Battles by Auto Rap Battles Community, Rapping Simulator by BlockSpell Studios and many more.

You may need a help to find a rap that you can use in the rap games. If this is your first time, you can use the rap that you can found in the internet. You are able to find rapping lyrics in websites such as, V3rmillion and Reddit. In these websites, you are able to copy and paste the lyrics and then you can use it in the rap games on Roblox.

Another website that you are able to use to copy and paste rap lyrics is If you check a video of pokemon15830 entitled Amazing Raps Copy and Paste For “Auto Rap Battles” A Roblox Game, you are able to find a link in the description section to a where you will be directed to a rap lyrics that you can copy and paste. This video was published on September 7th, 2018 and it has been watched more than 2.5k times. You can watch the video and then find the link in the description section. Click on the link and then you will be directed to the page where the rap lyric is.

In a video of Youtube about Best Raps for Roblox Rap Battles, we found these raps and you may be able to use it. Here are the raps.

First Rap:

Ur a newbie rapper sucking on his thumb

Ur mouth is a crapper U dress like a bum

The only girl in ur life is ur mum

Now I aplaud u for making it this far by ur trash at spitting bars

U don’t have what it takes to be a star so go ahead and stear at my fancy car

Rap 2:

Unlike u got no bars ill shut u up and jail you up in mars

U won’t get very far spit out da bars now

Rap 3:

Ur a pool

U think ur cool

But ur just a fool I rule

The lyrics above, we get from a video of mega_plays and the name of the video is Top 5 Best Raps for Roblox Rap Battles.

In the Youtube, there are also some other videos that you are able to watch and those videos provide lyrics for rap in the Rap Battles game or Auto Rap Battles game on Roblox. You just have to watch the video and then see the lyrics. After that, you are able to use the lyrics in the game. But, since the lyrics in the video, so you are not able to copy and paste it. You have to write or type them by your self.

Well, now you do not have to wait again. Just visit the websites or watch the video about rap lyrics now and play Rap games on Roblox. Have fun!

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