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Counter Blox is known as the FPS game. According to its page on Wiki, this one was created by the ROLVe Community on September 28, 2015 and was Remastered on July 30, 2018. Currently, it has 1.4 million favorites.

The term “GUI” is the short for Graphical User Interface. It means it can be used to display the information about the game to the player. GUIs are able to be used to show the player what the level, the health, and the gold of the character are. Aside from that, all of them also can be used to create the in game buttons for menus and inventory systems.

As one of the games on Roblox, Counter Blox cannot be separated with GUI. Talking about Counter Blox GUI, there is a thing called the script of Counter Blox GUI. if you want to find the script of Counter Blox GUI, one of the best options is to look for it on a platform called Pastebin. Pastebin is recommended as it provides all the scripts, including the script of Counter Blox GUI. First of all, you have to go to the site. Then, type the keyword on the Search bar. Upon hitting the Enter button, the result will be shown. Here is one of the results related to Counter Blox GUI.

1. _G.stream_mode = _G.stream_mode or false

2. _G.forceallowlagswitch = true

3. _G.delete_script = false

4. _G.ffao = _G.ffao or false


6. _G.load_time = tick();wait()


8. local a = “5.5” local b = “f” local c = 0.001; local d = “e” local e = 0.01; local f = “FakeHead” local g = Cframe .new (0,0,0). Position; local h = true; locali = 0.08; local j = false; local k = false; local l = “j”local m = 4; local n =,255,255) local o = true; local p = true; local q = “v” local r = 1/2; locals = 8; local t = 127; local u = 29; local v = “c” localw = “5” localx = “o” localy = 0.3; local z = “6” local A =”!” local B = “9” local C =23; local D = 96; local E = “x” local F = 0.735; local G = “z” local H = “h” local I =”=”localJ =” ” localK = “[ “local L=”]”local M = “t” local N =

The script of Counter Blox GUI above is not complete. The complete script is longer than displayed above. There are eight number of the script of Counter Blox GUI in total. The eighth one is the longest. If you want to know the complete one, you can go straight to Pastebin by following the instructions explained before. Aside from the complete one, there is also the RAW paste data which is as long as the complete one. Feel free to download or print or copy and paste the script. If you have some questions, you can try to seek a help from the Counter Blox or Roblox community.

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