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Roblox Rake uncopylocked means the game called Rake on the Robox platform that can be edited to the thing you want. Roblox Rake is the name of the Roblox game that was made by RVVZ, which you have to survive the “The Rake”. For those who are not familiar with The Rake, it is the tall, grey humanoid creepypasta character.

In the Roblox Rake, there are multiple characters. The Rake is only one of the characters. There are some different game modes in which The Rake will change the appearance. Aside from that, there are also several bodies found through the map, which are assumingly killed by The Rake.

Talking about the game modes of Roblox Rake, the game contains some game modes. At daytime, The Rake will not spawn and the player is completely secure. Exploring the map, getting into the hiding spot, or buying items at the shop are several things to do. Apparently, the daytime cycle will not endure long, which makes it hard to get to the hiding spot before it turns to nighttime. On the other hand, at nighttime, The Rake will spawn. This one will become very dark, causing he players to barely be able to see, without the flashlight seeing nothing at all. At the start of this game mode, you will be able to see the message on the screen saying “Survive The Night”.

Furthermore, in the nightmare mode (removed), you will be able to see the surroundings and fog that will appear in the green coloration. the soundscape will change to more horrific noise and the character named The Rake will show up with the green glowing eyes and different noises. The normal text started at the this mode will change to “His Vision Evolves…” followed by the strange sounds of the guy screaming and the chorus of men quickly and repeatedly saying “Huh”. Aside from these three, there is the blood hour that will occur if the players attack The Rake and he gets upset. However, the chance is low. In order to trigger the blood hour, you have to use the rake trap, the stun stick or the UV light. In this mode, the surroundings and fog will show up in the blood red coloration and power will be disabled until the daytime, where you are able to finally restore the power.

Throughout the game, every player will meet a bunch of different places. Every location provides a different appearance and safety level. Some of the locations are The Forest, Observation Tower, The Shop, Base Camp, The Rake’s Cave, Crashed Bus, Broken Car, Safe House, and Power Station (Power Plant). The Forest dominates the map that the player is able to move in. The location is able to have the major advantages and disadvantages. However, The Rake roams in The Forest, which is able to cause the common run ins. If you want to know more about the Roblox Rake, please visit some sites such as the official website of Roblox and Wiki.

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