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Phantom forces is one of games in Roblox which has a lot of visitors until now. It seems that until now, this game is still favorite of many people. From those people who play this game, there are some people who want to use Mod Menu in the game. And now, we are going to inform you about this.

In Roblox, Phantom Forces game is created and developed by StyLiS Studios. This game was created on August, 31st, 2015 and as of September 6th, 2019, the last update of the game was on September 1st, 2019. This game can be played by 32 maximum players in each server and it is categorized into an FPS genre. For you who like playing FPS games, this game is recommended to play in Roblox.

A lot of people play this game in Roblox. It is proven with the number of visitors that increase from time to time. Until now, it is known that there are more than 751.6 million visitors and more than 3.4 million people make this game as their favorite. The number of likers also reaches more than 1 million.

After the last update, now in this game you are able to find new Tommy gun which is added to PDWs, third person muzzle flashes, kill cards which was updated to show gun models, attachment stat tracking for kills which was updated, normalized mouse sensitivity scale numbers, UI lag which was reduced, and next weapon unlock preview.

Now, how about Phantom Forces Mod Menu? If you need mod menu of Phantom Forces, you will have to download an exploit that can work with it. If you try to search it in Youtube, you are able to find some videos which show it and even they give the link of the software that you can use for mod menu of Phantom Forces. Some videos that you are able to watch in Youtube are New Roblox Mod Menu/ Exploit (Phantom Forces) + Download which was published by STC Mods on April 2nd, 2019; Phantom Forces Mod Menu Exploit Unlimited Ammo & Guns ROblox – Pain Exist which was published by Pain Exist on December 26th, 2018; and Phantom Forces Mod Menu Hack √ Unlimited Ammo & Guns Roblox √ Pain Exist √ Free 2019 √ Game Public which was published by Game Public on January 8th, 2019.

In each videos above, you can see that in the description section, there are links to the site where you can download the exploit for Mod Menu that you can use in Phantom Forces. So, if you want to download it, you are able to visit the channels and then click on the links that they give. In the video of STC Mods, the link will bring you to the where there is Phantomhack and you can download it for free. And for other videos, you are able to check them one by one. If you have any questions or problem when you are using the exploit, you are able to ask other users in a chat or forum.

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