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Are you looking for the information about Roblox Place Stealer Script Pastebin? If so, you are definitely in the right place now. In this chance, we are going to share place stealer scripts that probably will useful for you. The script can be mentioned as a crucial thing if you are ambitious in a stealing way.

We all already know that Roblox allows the users to do the bad-habit called stealing items from other users. Although, it is a bad way to do, but it still is a gorgeous way for every Roblox users. By stealing any items from others, exactly you will get more that you can sell them whenever. Actually, to steal items, you need place stealer that probably will work in carrying out your goal.

Furthermore, Place Stealer itself is one place used for saving some stolen items. This place allows you to collect your stolen items from other Roblox users. Recently, many developers have created a place stealer plugin that perhaps can work. The first one was created by warspyking on June 10, 2014. This is favored by users for about 47 star-like. The good news, you can use it for free. The second one was created by JustUnlimited17. This place stealer is updated on August 16, 2016. You can exactly use this by installing this plugin into your account. Well, there are still lots of place stealers that you can use, but we just share a few of them.

Now, in the text below, we are going to show you Roblox Place Stealer Script Pastebin that may be important for you. Absolutely, Pastebin offers lots of place stealer scripts that perhaps you need to make your stealing way easy.

The first place stealer script comes from JULIALY. It has been published on November 4, 2011 and seen by 10.4k visitors. This script definitely still works.


How to use…

!!**Stealer’s way**!!

You will need to know the terrain/plugin explioit. (Any other explioit can work, try it out!)

Make this script a plugin.

Now go into the game you want to save (With the explioit).


Open Roblox Studio (You may have to wait a long time), then press “New”, now type this in the Command Bar:

——————– (still continue)

The second one comes from TESTHK. This script was published on November 28, 2015 and has been seen by 436 visitors. You can use the script because it is still running.

local placeID =


s =“ScreenGui”, game.CoreGui)

s.Name = (“Steal”)


PluginGuiworkspace =“TextButton”)

PluginGuiworkspace.Parent = s

PluginGuiworkspace.Size =,60,0,25)

PluginGuiworkspace.Position =,130,0,380)


———————–  (still continue)

Definitely, there are still lots of place stealer scripts available on Pastebin, but we share just two scripts as well. Now, if you need more place stealer script, absolutely you do not hesitate to visit There, you can search the script you need in the search bar. After the script appears, you just to copy and paste the script in your account. Good Luck.

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