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In the Roblox game, there are many lists of items that you can use depending on your needs and purposes. As Roblox player, certainly, having those items are a must. However, items can be a parameter in which playing game getting success. When you have lots of items in your Roblox account, exactly you are free to use it for any purposes.

Items in Roblox are divided into some categories such as free item, cancelled item, limited item, timed item and many more. But, generally, item here is in the form of stuff, accessories, clothing, body parts and gear, library items, limited items and others. Those items can be categorized as the main and favorite items which are must-have by all Roblox users.

As favored by every Roblox user, actually those items are susceptible to steal. However, by having many items in your Roblox account, you can exactly sell your item to other users in order to get more Robux. As we know that to get much Robux, one of the ways is to sell items as clothing, tools, body parts and other items that other users will need.

Well, it is no wonder if many Roblox players keep fighting to do anyway to get those items at all. Recently, there are some ways that Roblox users use to get those items either legal or illegal way. Indeed, in this page, we are going to give you some information about the illegal way which means stealing items.

To steal other user items, you definitely should use some scripts that probably work. By using some scripts, at least you can steal those items handy and easily. Although, this way is a bad-habit, but it still be loved by every Roblox users. In the game of Roblox, stealing other user items can be mentioned as the repetitive lovely habit that almost every player does it. So, by doing this, you can get more items that you can sell on getting more Robux.

Talking about item steal script, definitely, there are some sites providing steal script that you can use. In full, you have to visit these sites such as,, and soon. Here, we share the item steal script Roblox provided on Pastebin that you can use for now!

local Plr = game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer

local Mouse = Plr:GetMouse()


if not game:GetService(“UserInputService”):IsKeyDown(Enum.KeyCode.LeftControl) then return end

if not Mouse.Target then return end

local t = Mouse.Target

t.Size =, 2, 2)

t.CFrame = Plr.Character.Torso.CFrame

t.Anchored = true


You can also use these scripts provided in that is shared by some v3rmillion members.

a = game.Players.VICTIM.Backpack:GetChildren()

for i,v in pairs(a) do

v:Clone().Parent = game.Players.YOURNAME.Backpack



Well, both of scripts from and are absolutely still working. You can try to use those scripts that probably will work in your way. However, you can use the scripts easily, just copy-paste the scripts into your Roblox account as well. Definitely, for more detail in getting tons of stealing script, you can visit and join into forum on

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