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If you want to keep an animal at your home but you cannot do that because your parent do not allow you, you are able to play Pet Simulator to experience how to keep a pet. This game is fun to play and if you have played it, you may think of doing something in the game so that you need the uncopylocked version of this game.

Pet Simulator is a game which was created by BIG Games Simulators on April 7th, 2018 and the last update of this game was on August 13th, 2019. This game can be played by 10 maximum players in each server and it has been favorited more than 571.6 million times. It has also more than 2.2 million favorites and more than 578K likes.

In this game, players can pickup coins to be able to purchase eggs, areas and pets. Then, they are also able to level up their pets and work together with other players. Also, collecting rare pets and trading them is also one of the activities that players can do in this game.

Pet Simulator has a lot of game passes. Those are 2x Coins for 250 Robux, +100 Max Pets for 175 Robux, 8 Pets Equipped for 350 Robux, VIP for 175 Robux, 2x XP for 199 Robux, Infinite Pets Equipped for 39999 Robux, Pet Cloner for 2399 Robux, +500 Max Pets for 699 Robux, Lucky for 99 Robux, Super Lucky 899 Robux, Lucky Rainbow Pets for 129 Robux, Teleport for 30 Robux, Super Pet Collection for 499 Robux, 100 Max Hats for 300 Robux and Triple Egg Open for 440 Robux.

If you like playing this game and then you think of getting uncopylocked Pet Simulator file, now you are surely looking for the file. But the question is, is there any uncopylocked Pet Simulator file? If you search it in your browser, you will find some results. In Youtube, there are some videos about it such as a video of KWAIDE ROBLOX, MINECRAFT entitled Pet Simulator Uncopylocked!!! Roblox Studio! and a video of Tigerous Hacks entitled Pet Simulator! (Uncopylocked) (Free). In these two videos, they show the Pet Simulator uncopylocked and the name of the game City Pets which was created by CITY_PETS.

If you visit City Pets game in Roblox, you can see that there is a note which says that the source of this game can be copied. So, maybe you can get this file instead of Pet Simulator by BIG Games Simulators because a popular games usually will not be uncopylocked. If the creator makes it uncopylocked, there will be a lot of people who remake it and even it is not impossible that other people remake it to be greater game. So, game creator usually sets the game as copylocked.

Then, if you search Pet Simulator uncopylocked in Roblox, you will find Pet Simulator Map Uncopylocked and it was created by Alrienius. If you want to know whether this is a Pet Simulator uncopylocked file that you are looking for or not, you are able to check it.

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