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Advertisements can refer to the user created ads or outside ads (real, commercial advertisements). The members with any level of Builders Club (BC) is going to prevent themselves from seeing outside ads. Usually, some Builders Club (BC) members prefer to see the commercial ads than the user created ads because the quality of outside advertisements is much better than user-made advertisements.

The users are able to advertise any of the items which they have created or built, including the clothing, games/places or groups. As a Roblox player, you may ever heard that Roblox allows you to upload image advertisements for the games, group, clothing, models, audio, etc. In this case, once the image is clicked, so it goes to the item which you are  advertising.


In this case, the developers do not buy ad space on Roblox. Instead, they bid for it in an auction. Apparently, there is a limited amount of ad space to go around, so an auction is run and the developers who are wanting to pay more get more impressions (ad displays). Based on the research, in imagine, there are three ads in the system and there will often be hundreds.

Once a player loads a page on the site of Roblox, A, B, or C is shown at random. However they are not given equal odds. In this case, the chances which a specific ad is shown is equal to that ad’s bid and divided by the total bid for all ads in the system. Therefore, assuming the bid amounts like this:

  • The chances that A shows = 50 / (50 + 100 + 300) = 1 in 9.
  • B, with a bid twice that of A, it is going to show twice as often: 2 in 9.
  • C, with the highest bid, it is going to show approximately 6 times more often than A: 6 in 9.


There are three different sized ads that you have to know. The first one is banners. The second one is skyscrapers, and the last is rectangles. For your information, Banner ads are 728 by 90 pixels, skyscraper ads are 160 by 600 pixels, and rectangle ads are 300 by 250 pixels.  Then, you have to remember that a banner ad cannot go in a skyscraper slot or vice versa. Aside from that, actually, there are also three separate auctions running at all times for the different ad sizes.


For making ad, you have to go to your Create page. Then, you are able to find the item you want to advertise. Please click the gear icon on the right, and select Advertise. It is going to bring you to a page where you are able to get the ad templates and upload ads.


When you have already created and uploaded an ad, so you are able to run an ad campaign. Now, you need to return to the Create page and click the User Ads tab. Next, you will be directed to a page where you are able to manage your ads. For start running an ad, you need to select Run Ad from the context menu within its row, then enter a bid amount in Robux. The last, click Run to start the campaign.

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