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If you want to make Roblox logo, there are two ways that you can do. First, you are able to make it by yourself by the help of a software or you are able to ask a person who can make it for you. If you ask a person, it means you have to pay them. But if you make it by yourself, instead of spending your money you even will learn something and add your new skill.

If you want to make a Roblox logo by yourself, you will need a software. If you do not want to download a software at all on your computer, you are able to use an online logo generator. In the internet, you are able to find some logo maker or logo generator that you are able to use for making Roblox logo. Those websites are,,, and some other logo maker websites.

If you use to make a Roblox logo, you are able to make by entering the text into the box there. After that, click on Go button and then you will be given a lot of options of the logos. Choose the one that you like and then you are able to edit it based on what you want. By clicking on Edit, you are able to edit the text including font size, font type, logo, shadow, background and also the image. If you want to make a Roblox logo in the, you just have to enter your text and then choose the font type, font size and also an effect. Do not forget to choose the color and then click on Generate.

For your information, the logo that is used by Roblox now was introduced on January 10th, 2017. It features the typeface Gill Sans Ultra Bold and the letter ‘o’ in the word ‘Roblox’ is replaced with square boxes. The Roblox logo changes from time to time. When this gaming platform was created for the first time, the name is “GoBlox Technologies” from 1997 to 2002. Then, in 2002 to 2003, it changed again into “GoBlocks” where the “Go” is green, “Blocks” is dark blue and then there is small “alpha” at the end of the name.

In 2003 to 2004, the logo changed again into “DynaBlocks” and in this era, Roblox existed in beta stage. In 2004, the logo and name changed again into Roblox where each of the letter has different colours. Then, in 2004 to 2005, the logo changed into a white color with red in the outline of each letter. In 2005 to 2006, the logo changed again but this change was not significant. It just change the type of font and also there is a blue shade at the bottom of the logo.

Since 2006 until 2017, the logo color is white and the outline of letter is red but every certain years, it changed the form of the font. In 2018, the logo changed into red color with the ‘o’ letter is in the box forms. Then, in November 2018, the Roblox logo changed the red coloration to black.

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