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Water is a kind of material in high scalability. It is used in Terrain. Like other Terrain materials, exploits is able to be used to ruin places by flooding the place. It is able to also to be used in boat ride games or decoration in Personal Servers such as pools, oceans, fountains and waterfalls.

Aside from that, water is also used in the Terrain Generator script plugin. You have to know that the Terrain water is used in several games as it is easier by using terrain water than scripting custom water. For your information, the new smooth terrain water is not cubic but instead much smoother as the name indicates.


With the rocks and salt, you are able to add water to the geyser center now by doing these steps below:

  • Under the Terrain Editor, you have to click the Subtract button. You have to know that the tool slowly removes terrain and is useful to make the rivers, caves, and lakes.
  • Because all terrain is created on a grid, so it is very important to get the right angle with your camera view. For making it easier to subtract, please angle your camera so it points down at the geyser.
  • ┬áThe next step that you need to do add water is click and drag the tool over the center of the salt for creating a hole in the center where you are going to add water.
  • Then, under the Terrain Editor, you have to click at the Paint button.
  • Now, you are able to paint the terrain in the middle to make or add the water.

Well, the text above is a way for you to add Water in Roblox. We hope you are able to understand so that you are able to add water in Roblox successfully.

The players are able to swim in the Water unless they are wearing too lot of accessories. Wearing no accessories allows the players to automatically float upwards. You have to remember that one accessory is going to sink the character slowly and resistance once swimming upwards begins. Then, wearing anymore accessories are going to make it more difficult to swim upwards without jumping. But, wearing accessories are going to be easily float on water by themselves. There are parts made from the material will float on Water by default. Those are wood, wood Planks, grass, plastic, ice and smooth Plastic.

As we know that water properties can be found and edited under the Terrain class. Here, in the text below, you can read its explanation.

  • WaterColor: It changes the color of the water and it affects the entire game. The default color is (12, 84, 91).
  • WaterTransparency: Increases or decreases the transparency of the water. 0 is completely opaque, while 1 is transparent. For note: If the player’s graphics settings are below 8, so this will only be seen when underwater.
  • WaterWaveSize: Increases the height of waves. 0 makes waves non-existent and 1 is the highest possible.
  • WaterWaveSpeed: Increases the speed of waves. The range is from 0 to 100.

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