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If you search Roblox Keyon Airport from Roblox library, then there you are going to find some results. One of them is Keyon Air: International Airport [V2]. It is a game that was created by Simon_Dev on October 22, 2017.

Based on the research, the game of Keyon Air: International Airport was updated on June 8, 2019. It is categorized to all genres and it can be played by 20 maximum players per server. On the game, if you want to become a pilot, you have to buy the admin command gamepass. After that, you have to insert a plane with the (insert model ID) command. Apparently, at the store, you can still find many other gamepasses.

You may want to know all gamepasses for Air: International Airport. Those are Airport Staff (Fixed) for 70 Robux, Radio for 100 Robux, Admin commands for 650 Robux, Super Admin for 3500 Robux and Owner Admin for 8000 Robux. As we said before that if you buy the admin command gamepass, you will be able to be a pilot on the game of Roblox Keyon Air: International Airport.


V2 – New Airport Island.

V1.7 – Added Server Age Board.

V1.6 – Owner Commands Released.

V1.5 – Fixed Jetways.

Talking about Roblox Keyon Airport, you may also want to know some information about the creator of Keyon Air: International Airport game, Simon_Dev. If you look at his profile, you are able to see that currently Simon_Dev has more than 322K followers, 486 following and 110 friends. Based on the date, Simon_Dev was join date in Roblox on August 7, 2014. Currently, his avatar wearing levitation walk, levitation run, levitation idle, levitation jump, levitation climb, Stickmasterluke’s Peanut Butter Sparkle Time, Blue goof and Valkyrie helm.

Besides the game of Keyon Air: International Airport, Simon_Dev make also a game named Keyon Air: Flight Simulator. It was created on August 27th, 2019. Keyon Air: Flight Simulator can be played by 20 maximum players per server. It is categorized to all genres. Now, the game of Keyon Air: Flight Simulator has been visited more than 22,5 million times with more than 160K favorites and more than 37K likes. There are the plane codes for Keyon Air: Flight Simulator game. Those plane codes are Keyon Air [Airbus] : 1293946990, Beechcraft B1900D : 1022812505, Boeing 787 – 8 : 2612279060 and Transport Bus Model : 206578350.

On the game of Keyon Air: Flight Simulator, you can fly as the passenger. Then, you can also fly an airplane. But, if you want to fly an airplane, you have to buy the admin commands game pass that you are able to buy from the store for 650 Robux. Besides, on the game, you are able also to host flights, work as several cool jobs, get something to eat at cafe, and many more. When you want to spawn an airplane, so you have to read the info signs in the game of Roblox Keyon Air: Flight Simulator.

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